4th Fleet (Phoenix)

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4th Fleet (Phoenix)‏‎
Unit information
Active Date:

ICY 959


Humankind Empire of Abh

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Humankind Empire of Abh

Flying Section

  • Reserve and Training
  • Reorganized as a Line-of-Battle fleet




Command information
Culture and history

The 4th Fleet of Operation Phoenix (ja.p: 不死鳥第四艦隊)(Baronh: ビュール・ゴーナ・セムロニル Byr Gona Semuroniru) was an emergency fleet created for the evacuation of Lakfakalle during Operation Phoenix.


The Four Nations Alliance had successfully made a second incursion into Kingdom Ilysr since the initial attempt during the Battle of Skaresh. In the midst of this, given that the main groups of well trained or proper combat units had been concentrated in the Kryb Kingdom for Operation Snow Crystal, that left only trainees, reserves, or veterans on leave present for the defense of the capital or most of the Abh Empire's interior lines.

Empress Abriel Ramaj activated Operation Phoenix to preserve as many civilians lives and as much of the cultural history of the capital as possible in the event of the capital's occupation. The 4th Fleet much like most of the fleets in Operation Phoenix held a hodgepodge of combat, training, cargo, and ferries all commissioned for the evacuation. More so a heavily armed convoy, the 4th Fleet held several partial squadrons, but could only be thought of as a fleet in name only.

During the Battle of Lakfakalle the overall Phoenix commander in chief, Abriel Dusanyu managed to evacuate all six Phoenix fleets present including the 4th from the capital while en route to Sotoryuru Naval Base and the relief force 7th Fleet Phoenix commanded by Beneej Spoor.

Notable members[edit]


Baronh name writing convention has changed from Fleet+Name+No. to Fleet+No.+Name