5th Fleet (Phoenix)

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5th Fleet (Phoenix)‏‎
Unit information
Active Date:

ICY 959


Humankind Empire of Abh

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Humankind Empire of Abh

Flying Section


Byr Kureyal (Training and Reserve)

  • Later, Evacuation Convoy

Emergency combat, evacuation



Command information
Culture and history

Battle of Lakfakalle

The 5th Fleet (不死鳥第五艦隊?)

(Baronh: ビュール・ジュータ・セムロニル Byr Juta Semuroniru) of Operation Phoenix was an emergency fleet created for the evacuation of Lakfakalle during Operation Phoenix. Ultimately, it was the headquarters fleet for Imperial Admiral Abriel Dusanyu as he coordinated a breakout of system Abriel.


In ICY 959, when the Imperial capital was attacked the 5th fleet was formed to evacuate the capital during Operation Phoenix by Empress Ramaj's orders. Except for the first squadron the fleet consisted almost entirely of lightly armed to unarmed transport ships.

Most of the ships were older, converted strike ship transports and cargo-passenger ships. Additionally, the first combat squadron, which was supposed to be at least double its size, could only muster a handful of wings of reserve combat vessels. The fleet had minimal fighting power, but despite this limitation, Dusanyu masterfully punched through enemy resistance to escape with his six fleets intact through the Barke Sord.

The 5th fleet was caught by chasing enemy forces emerging from the Barke Sord, after the Four Nations Alliance had destroyed all persons among the 6th Fleet. Dusanyu intended to make his last stand with the 5th Fleet to try to buy more time. Soon though, the forces of Operation Phoenix were rescued by the 7th Fleet commanded by now Imperial Admiral Beneej Spoor coming from Sotoryuru. In her assault she successfully used her green fleet to force back and bottle up the enemy back in system Abriel.

The fleet suffered only minor damage; however, it could no longer serve its capacity as a military presence. Dusanyu would need to continue his retreat in the hopes of reorganizing on the fly at Sotoryuru Naval Base and attempt to stop the new offensives launch the by Alliance.

Order of battle[edit]

Notable Figures in the fleet

Abriel Lafiel

Jadbyr = partial fleet; Dikporlei = supply; sov = squadron


Baronh name writing convention has changed from Fleet+Name+No. to Fleet+No.+Name