6th Fleet (Phoenix)

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6th Fleet (Phoenix)‏‎
Unit information
Active Date:

ICY 959


Humankind Empire of Abh

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Humankind Empire of Abh

Flying Section


Byr Kureyal (Training and Reserve)

  • Later, Regular/Line-of-Battle

Emergency combat, rear guard & escort



Command information
Culture and history

Battle of Lakfakalle

The 6th Fleet of Operation Phoenix (ja.p: 不死鳥第六艦隊)(Baronh: ビュール・ブーナ・セムロニル Byr Bouna Semuroniru) was an emergency combat fleet created for the evacuation of Lakfakalle during Operation Phoenix. Under command of Commander-in-Chief Abriel Dusanyu, they assisted with the breakout and evacuation of the capital.


In ICY 959, when the Imperial capital during the Battle of Lakfakalle, Empress Ramaj activated plans detailed in Operation Phoenix for the defense and evacuation of the capital. While officially it had contingents of military reserve and training units, during the battle, it became mixed with civilian and auxiliary ships. This slowed the progress of the whole Operation in part; however, commander-in-chief Abriel Dusanyu managed to fight his way out of system Abriel with all six fleets.

Following the successful breakout, within hours, the Four Nations Alliance fleet pursued Dusanyu in an attempt to finish off the units that had fought at Lakfakalle. The fleet being the last to enter plane space eventually were caught and engaged by the enemy fleets emerging through the Barke Sord. Despite the resistance of the 6th Fleet, standing alone as Dusanyu's objective was to preserve as much force and protect the refugees mixed in with the remaining 5 fleets, the 6th was completely annihilated along with the civilians they escorted.

Notable members[edit]


The Alliance may not have known the purpose of the auxiliary and civilian ships. It is likely the whole fleet was surrounded before they could attempt to separate the military and civilian segments of the fleet to form a defense. Regardless, for the duration of the Lakfakalle Campaign, it appeared the Four Nations Alliance adopted a doctrine of total war, and would engage civilians regardless of strategic or tactical need.

Baronh name writing convention has changed from Fleet+Name+No. to Fleet+No.+Name