7022nd Special Arsenal

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7022nd Special Arsenal (jap.: 第7022特設工廠)(Baronh: ロール・ディファカ・ダンボルマトマータ Ro~l Difaka Dambolmatomata) is a military arsenal in Lakfakalle.


Arsenal 7022 is an old complex of military factories and shipyards. The new Caubh-Class Attack Ships are being produced by the arsenal. As the arsenal is old there are no electromagnetic projection options installed to give shuttles a launch boost. The lack was a nuisance to Ekuryua.


There are numerous structures, each one a web of different modules. Habitation modules act as a hub connecting ship production modules together. There are some separate older type of structures. The more recent production modules are modular and transformable allowing them to open up. This transformation probably helps to adjust production line sizes, hence, increases efficiency and usage. There's a group of 14 dry-docks with attached facilities. These dry-docks have room for expansion.


The arsenal is located close to the Lori Beitur shipyard.