7th Fleet (Phoenix)

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7th Fleet (Phoenix)‏‎
Unit information
Active Date:

ICY 959


Humankind Empire of Abh

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Humankind Empire of Abh

Flying Section


Byr Kureyal (Training and Reserve)

  • Later to become a Standard/Line-of-Battle Fleet

Training and Emergency Reserve

  • Later, Guard, Recon, & Escort

Operational Fleet

Command information

Grand Admiral Beneej Spoor


Kilo-Commander Kufadis Sesupi

Culture and history

"完了!"/"Kanryō!" or

  • Disputed, See Below

Spoor's Assault

The 7th Fleet of Operation Phoenix (jap: 不死鳥第七艦隊)(Baronh: ビュール・ダーナ・セムロニル Byr Dana Semuroniru) was an emergency fleet created for protecting the evacuation of Lakfakalle. Its compliment of hands and ships had not yet seen combat. Their fleet headquarters consists Spoor's flagship; the Lashkau, and the base which they had assembled from, Sotoryuru Naval Base.


Prior to their organization officially as the 7th fleet, the unit had simply been the Sotoryuru Training Fleet; a command assigned to Spoor sometime after Operation Hunter, perhaps to give her some time of reprieve from the front given the horrendous casualties she withstood as commander of the 1st Fleet Hunter at Lobnas II.

Ramaj, Dusanyu, and Kenesh all had worked on contingency plans that generally had been left untouched since the start of The War about what to do in the event of a major attack on the capital. One of these plans; Operation Phoenix, had contingency plans for the emergency activation of at least as many fleets in reserve as was during Operation Phantom Flame; 70 partial fleets. No such numbers were ever mustered, as the only unit within direct contact when the Battle of Lakfakalle began was Spoor's command.

In ICY 959, when the Imperial capital was attacked the evacuation fleets were formed. However, there were not enough ships to protect the evacuation properly. Realistically the 1st to 6th Fleets were armed, but inextricably mixed with refugee ships. The 7th Fleet was hurriedly assembled in Sotoryuru and was dispatch to meet the evacuation fleets en route to Sotoryuru.

Spoor, as a veteran commander, managed to rally an nearly completely green unit and be on the move in under 12 hours. She arrived astonishingly quickly; however, the 7th Fleet came too late for the 6th Fleet. Regardless, they had arrived in time to save the 5th Fleet of the trailing refugee and military elements, permitting the remainder of the fleets from the 1st to 5th to escape to their headquarters at Sotoryuru.

7th Fleet absorbed some of the fighting units available to the 1st to 5th fleets and managed to force the enemy forces to withdraw back to system Abriel. The fleet at the time succeeded in bottling up the enemy in the capital, which largely had been abandoned by now.

Order of battle[edit]

Notable Figures in the fleet


The motto of the fleet comes from disputed translations of Spoor's reply to Empress Ramaj's call to battle from the outset of Operation Phoenix. She is claimed to have told Kufadis to state "完了!"/"Kanryō!" or translated means "Done!". Other reports the motto could be "ます。"/"Masu." which could be argued to mean either "Done." or "I will."

Baronh name writing convention has changed from Fleet+Name+No. to Fleet+No.+Name