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Ethnicity information

Kin of the Stars (Carsarh Gereulacr)


35 millions (200000 nobles)




atheism, any for lander citizens

major population centers:

Humankind Empire of Abh
Grand Duchy of Letopanyu

related population:

Homo Sapiens Sapiens[1]:
Japanese people[2]
other peoples

Planar Space

The Abh, also known as the Carsarh Gereulacr or Kin of the Stars, are a subspecies of human which were originally artificially created humanoids. They were created for longterm space exploration in place of humans by a nationalistic group of japanese descent. Once they roamed space as merchants. Now they live throughout the Milkyway Galaxy within their own territory of the Humankind Empire of Abh.

Physical characteristics

The Abh had been created with blue hair and a spatial-sensor organ on their forehead. The spatial-sensor organ is a compact visual organ with roughly 100 million receptors. It enables them to receive information via light from a headpiece known as an alpha. Unique to the Abh is the navigational lobe that serves to process information from the spatial-sensor organ.

Their body has been modified to accommodate both high gravitational force and weightlessness. Their frame and circulatory system have also been adjusted to function under such conditions.

Over time the Abh have established a tradition of features unique to each family clan. The most famous and elusive feature by law are the Abriel ears only found with members of direct Royalty.

It was incredibly difficult to guess an Abh's age from outward appearance alone. During the stage of development from birth until the age of fifteen, the Abh mature like regular human. After that, from the beginning of their adolescent stage, their appearance matures only ten more years. The entire process takes approximately twenty-five years. The Abh do not show any physical indications of aging beyond twenty-five.

The Abh do not get drunk when drinking alcohol. However, it is a different matter then it is being injected into the blood stream, which is bad either way.


The Abh reproduce like humans. However, the Abh mostly use artificial fertilization and artificial wombs. Some women, do practice conception in the old fashion way as well as carrying the embryo in her own womb for the unique, personal experience.


The Abh usually tinker with the genes of their children to prevent hereditary ailments and guarantee racial unity. They specified more than twenty-seven thousand nucleotide pairs in each child's DNA.

The Abh have genetically made their digestion system and liver more efficient in breaking down alcohol.

Abh children were manufactured to their parents' aesthetic tastes, which were similar to many land worlds' (Nahen) general conception of beauty.

The imperfect nerve cells from which they manufactured their children eventually leads to incurable confusion. Their respiratory systems is designed to stop before their intellect ceased functioning. However, this only occurred after at least two hundred years.


The Abh speak Baronh with its own writing system known as Ath.


Abh poetry is all fixed-form. The Abh claimed structural limitations makes their art more refined. Still, all Abh art are noticeably spectacular.


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In ancient times, on mankind's planet of origin Earth, globalization led to cultural confusion which a small percentage of (japanese) islanders had no intention of conforming. They refused to let the their culture become "contaminated with imports."

They left the planet and settled in one of Earth's established orbital cities. They changed their language; parts were reconstructed from basic and or obsolete words, parts were made up.

As time go by, they yearned to live on a planet (Nahen) again. Thus, they planned to leave the Solar System. Although, mankind discovered the yuanon particle and developed its application for interstellar travel, the ex-islanders' aloofness isolated them from the rest of mankind. Mankind neglected to include them in their deep-space immigration and exploration plans.

Therefore, the stubborn group plotted an independent space journey. Their only means of transportation was to use nuclear-fusion propulsion.

I think of it as an honor to have the opportunity to welcome all of you gathered here, at this site where a great endeavor will take place.

Now I say “a great endeavor”, but there are people who are not inclined to think so. As you have a look around, it appears that you all are able to see it at this place too. However please, please do not misunderstand me. I have no intention of criticizing or blaming the people of the opposing group.

Whether this becomes a great endeavor or a foolish one, it may be difficult to know in our lifetime. However, the fact that you all were present here will surely be revered proudly by your descendants. This, I am convinced of.

‘Even if the plan is successful, the assessment “a great endeavor” is worthless’ is an opinion that can also be heard. ‘A plan like this would at best make one star system livable, but looking at it from the whole of Human society, it’s an extremely tiny thing.’ Indeed, it is. The influence this plan will impart on Human history will probably be very small. All of man kind cannot be expected to approve of this plan. Furthermore, a shady part lying slightly behind it all is also a fact. However, what is wrong with that? Our ancestors turned their backs on the movements of Human society and lived life, choosing isolation, and established this city. That is why I cannot understand, why we who are content with seclusion would care for the judgment of others.

Therefore, everyone, please continue to speak proudly of now, of this time to the children that will likely witness the conclusion to come.
— From the history of Orbital City Toyoashihara, Crest of the Stars Lost Chapter I

Using forbidden science — human genetic engineering, they manufactured superhuman crew members to take their place for the long exploration journeys. Selecting the best parts from the genes of their best people, they created thirty beings who, despite appearances, were not considered human. To further distinguish them from natural humans, the scientists gave them all unnatural, blue hair.

Many ships were sent, but most are presumed lost.

One such deep space explorer ship, discovered the yuanon particle by chance. The crew converted their ship and continued their journey.

Declaration of Independence

Immediately after discovering the yuanon, the original Abh announced their secession from the mother city. Of course, in deep space there was no one around to acknowledge their rebellion, but the crew of twenty-nine wished to be an independent race.

While in the nearby star system, the Abh ancestors gathered enough resources to construct a bigger ship, a flying city.

Destruction of the Mother City Toyoashihara

Although coldly sent into space against impossible odds, the Abh did not hate the mother city. However, they feared the mother city would send a disciplinary force. In hindsight, the diminished mother city at the time didn't care to commit such resources.

Using databases aboard the ship the Abh build weapons and conducted militaristic training. The navigation officers who instituted the program of military conditioning were direct ancestors of the Abriels.

As soon as they felt prepared, the Abh returned to the Solar system in order to destroy the mother city. It was a quick war.

By the time the Abh returned, the mother city had finally constructed its own yuanon-propelled ships and sent whole generations of brave souls into space, having written off their genetic creations as lost.

When the Abh arrived, the mother city tried to convince the Abh that their ship's data had corrupted them. Seeing this as nothing more than an attempt to regain control over them, the Abh cut off negotiations and attacked the mother city.

Though the Abh were fewer in number, they were all soldiers with a wealth of weapons at their disposal. The citizens of the mother city hadn't been involved in any kind of war for a considerable time. Thus, there was hardly any resistance at all when the city-ship, a veritable interstellar fortress, charged in.

There were other nations in the Solar System, but none wanted to get involved for a number of reasons, the foremost being that the Abh were stronger than all the militaries in the Solar System put together.

Wandering Age

The Wandering Age is mostly shrouded in mystery, because in the year Before Empire 125 an accident on the city-ship Abriel destroyed the ship's log, the only documentation of Abh history.

Having their new city-ship the Abh began to roamed space. As the new ship offered them complete independence and self-sufficiency they traded with information. Mainly because the Abh were a young member of the human family and had neither culture nor any other information on anything that is not rocket science.

Their lack of human contact and understanding caused many misunderstandings. This led the Abh to commit many crimes in retaliation against seemingly unfair treatment or dealings. This created a picture of ruthlessness of them in the eyes of their human relatives.

Declaration of Establishment

The Declaration of Establishment The

Main article: Humankind Empire of Abh



Through history and propaganda many humans have come to believe that an Abh is an artificial machine-being that does not have any shred of humanity. There is a widespread believe the Abh have a hive behavioral gene. This is a perceptive impression based on some truth. The Abh do act and think more logical and practical which also lets them have more common sense. They also prefer directness, and hence, are more out for efficiency. As a whole the Abh think more alike than humans, and support their social and governmental decisions without much critic. This conformity supports their image as machine-being.


Society within Wandering Age

During the Wandering Age the Abh society was dominated by the ship's department. The importance of a department was equal to the society status. It's during this period that family clans formed from the department members as well as the establishment of physical features unique to them.

King of the Ship

During the wandering age captainship of the colony transformed into a governmental body, and the title was changed to "King of the Ship".

Society within Empire

In order to control the territories of the Empire, the nobility was created to administrate them and to a certain degree govern them. Due to their administrative responsibilities their status is higher than ciizens.

Founding Family Clans

Main article: Founding Family (Abh)

There are 29 families considered the founding families of the Empire. The departments of the original ships crew essentially became the different families of the Abh Empire.

The Abriel clan has no astrological significance, however the other 28 are all named after constellations named by the Japanese ancestors of the Abh.


The eight Abriel family branches form the Royalty of the Abh.


The other 28 families form the higher echelon of Abh nobility.


At an early, Abh children are thrown into a padded cell with no gravity, where they master the laws of action and reaction and learn how to use their Alphas. This is necessary for their navigational lobe to develop while the brain isn't fully developed yet.

Stages of Life

  • military service/flyer
  • trader/merchant
  • parenthood


In the past the new city-ship was so massive and complicated to operate there was simply not enough time to teach everyone how to perform all necessary duties. That's when the Abh introduced their mentor-apprentice system of education, which eventually morphed into a system of hereditary education.

The Abh do not have regular schools. Abh children are home-schooled by their guardians. The Abh do have schools for landed citizens and vassals. From their teen years on an Abh is eligible to apply for a military academy. Here they learn everything about their work life. As the only place to learn about plane space navigation it is necessary for a merchant to enroll into the academy.


The Abh have a vastly more varied family concept than humans. Most common is a constellation of one genetic parent and a child. Less widespread is the familiar human form of a family: two parents and a child.


  • The Abh only take off their Alpha when bathing or sleeping.