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The Data System Symbology refers to the presentation of information, in this case tactical sensor data.


In the age of space travel it's important for ships to be able to collect, sort and then communicate all of the information known to that ship. Information about asteroids or hostile ships can be vital for the ship's survival. Since long ago ship sensors and computers have been integrated into an intelligent unit. Abh computer AIs are able to fly a ship by itself, however, the decision are still being made by man. In order for operators to gain situational awareness it is necessary for the information to be represented in an understandable and conform way.

Further it is important to collect information beyond the immediate sensor range for increased awareness. Today's ships can connect to a whole star system network and all ships within to exchange necessary information. Fleet command level ships are able to process anything within at least a cubic AU in real-time and forward the information to their fleet.

Imperial Data System and Symbology[edit]

Most of the technical details remain classified but every single pilot or operator within the Empire is given the same navigation classes at the military academy. Understanding the Imperial Data System is the very basics for anyone working for the Empire. As all interstellar starships are under Imperial control civilian and military ships use the same systems with minor differences for security reasons. Usually, civilian ship computer AIs are less powerful, hence, their field of view is limited to some million kilometers.

There are generally two sets of tactical symbols and one set of strategic symbols used by the Star Force.

Tactical Symbology[edit]

Crest of the Stars[edit]

Real world NTDS example

In COTS the Abh are shown to use a 3D system with symbology similar to the NTDS but with minor differences. The NTDS uses static symbols, with a vector indicator and attached tactical information. The Abh use dynamic 3D symbols with attached target numbers. There are specific symbols and indicators relating to plane space. This system appears to be outdated and phased out in the military by ICY 955. It can assumed that older civilian ships are still using it for many more decades.


Ship symbols with form and color code: circle & green=friend; triangle & red=hostile; triangle & yellow=bogy; violet=combat

Sometime before ICY 955 a new sets of symbols was introduced to the Star Forces. This advanced set removes a problem known as cluttering, eases identification and tracking. The symbols are shape and color coded with additional information attached. There are two different shapes for ships: circle for Empire ships and triangle for hostile and neutral ships. There are two shapes for weapons: small circle for mines and rhombus for missiles. The colors primary indicate affiliation but also combat status. As with the old set the same specific symbols and indicators relating to plane space are used.

Strategic Symbology[edit]

On the fleet command level and above a simple set of symbols is used for strategic planning and overview. As with the other sets the same specific symbols and indicators relating to plane space are used.

Combat Maneuvering Information[edit]

recorded combat

For review purposes and analysis combat records can be displayed. In addition to the tactical symbols additional movement signs are drawn.