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Although, many of the technology possessed by the Abh were not invented by themselves, they have advanced and followed significantly different approaches. Many of the technology were acquired in their early Wandering Age.


The Abh Alpha is a tiara fashioned accessory that serves to protect an Abh's spatial-sensor organ as well as provide it with spatial information. The Alpha uses infra-sound to obtain spatial information and transmit it via light to the spatial-sensor organ. The Alhpa is equipped with two connectors which can be used to connect to Abh computer systems enabling them to receive spatial information from the ship's computer network.

An Abh Alpha usually have some form of representation for social status in their design. Most of these features are subtle. Members of nobility may wear golden alhpas on occasions. It appears only the Emperor and Crown prince wear a golden Alpha at any time. Military alpha also have symbolic versions depending on their command category. These are symbolized with added "wings".

  • non-winged Alpha; worn by regular officers
  • one-winged Alpha; worn by ship commanders or Deca-Commander upwards
  • two-winged Alpha; worn by unit commanders or Rear-Admiral upwards


Real 3D holography technology or holovision has been available for centuries and virtually to all human settlements even remote and left behind-by-time ones like the planet Martine. Holovision has become a standard commodity in visual broadcast, called holographic broadcast, while holograms have replace photography. For centuries it also has become standard to have wall projections in certain rooms. It's unconfirmed whether backward countries like Martine have this standard or not. However, roomsized holoprojection remains expansive for the average person. Large scale holography is mostly used in ships replacing the bridge viewscreen technology of the past even though it still looks like a screen. In addition military ships use hographic projections for strategic and tactical view.

Thought Crystal[edit]

The Datkyul/Datykril or thought crystal or computer crystal is the basic computer technology used by the Abh. Although, it appears to be exclusively used by the Abh its memory chip is assumed to be readable by regular United Mankind handheld computers. Not much technical detail is known except these crystals have an extremely sophisticated computer AI, and with a house network are superior to human beings. Information within (a network) is stored in the Bowazebuku = memory bank. For security reason it is possible to have physically fixed passwords (Sejiyos) as in the case of former Baronh Fedash's escape from his prison. This is done by "burning" them into the molecular structure, a irrevocable one time procedure.

Memory Chip[edit]

Lafiel hand over memory ship

In order to physically transport information the Jeish = memory sheet or memory chip was created. As the Abh use the wrist computer the memory chip isn't in used very often on a daily basis. The Abh use the memory chip to backup the ship's log, the blackbox, and sensor data. More often it's used to send messages to other star systems. Imperial orders and decrees are transported by memory chips, too. These are specially encryted and likely have other security functions.

Wrist Computer[edit]

The Kreunoc/Kryuno/Kreuno or computer wristband is the standard computer and communication accessory of the Abh and most of its citizen and vassals. It consists of a thought crystal and an additional display and peripheral part. Each Kreuno is personalized with personal ID and other personal credentials. For nobility it also contains their electromagnetic family crest. Further the color of a Kreuno displays the social status of its wearer e.g. green stands for rising nobility.

For communication between with Kreunos and local networks the Kreuno uses either a wireless connection or a direct connection via a Kym (connection line). Each Kreuno has its own electromagnetic waveform ID which also allows its wearer to access restricted rooms. To call another person over the Kreuno it is necessary to know the receiver's Kreuno number similar to telephone number. The communication range is said to be within a lightsecond. A Kreuno can receive radio and TV broadcast. For communication with the user the Kreuno uses primary audio voice synthesizing and recognition. Data and user interfaces can be displayed on the small screen.

All Kreunos come with standard libraries, all necessary civilian communication protocols and encryptions. Military issue Kreuno include military specific libraries and functions like IFF (friend-or-foe identification). The Kreuno of members of Royalty and of the highest authority include special encryption. In addition a Kreuno is filled with work or local or territorial specific libraries. More libraries can be download if requested and available. A memory sheet can be inserted into the Kreuno's peripheral for reading, writing or recording. Aside from its basic library and communication functions a Kreuno is a real computer with a limited AI that can be used for any computer related work. For example it has been known to be used to calculate and plot complicated flight plans and simulations. However, the Kreuno cannot assist the Abh's spatial organ like the Alpha.

A Kreuno can also store electronic money. The exact amount limit is unknown but someone had stored up to five thousand Skarr (enough to live well for 21 years).

The Kreuno has an illuminating function, but the light is weak, not enough to see the details on the ground. Although, the Kreuno does have a translator function this appears to be dependent on its library than a real universal translator function.


The former Baron Febdash was a military engineer who has created his own datykril for his mansion. This technology must have been around since at least since before his birth (ICY 882?), possibly centuries or millenia earlier. The fact the Abh were created with the spatial organ which processes light information points to computer light technology at the earliest historic point. Even if it was just fiber glass light communication devices it still pose an incentive to create the thought crystal technology. It can be assumed the technology is not unknown to other powers but rather has its own specific signature design features e.g. different coding scheme, programming, and computer system. Alien enough not to have them copied but similar enough to have them able to exchange data. The Kreuno appears to be independent of a powersource which suggests it is possibly powered by solar power. Since it uses light technology this is only logical. It definitely uses some form of battery either way. A superconducting ring battery at the base perhaps.

In the anime the display and crystal size appears to be around 4 cm. The display did show text in a 9x19 and 6x27 format. 9x19 should be barely readable. The graphic resolution based on the video screenshot itself would be about 430x330 px. As for processing power its likely more powerful than the best supercomputer today. The physical limit is dictated by the dielectric constant at optical frequencies for the crystal and by electrical considerations. Theoretically the clock speed is anywhere from 100 to 300 THz. Light does not obstruct itself unless its inline creating interference. Using the same physical pathway a light wave can be send in opposing directions at the same time, hence, doubling processing power. Further light can be send at different wave lengths or spectral channels. The number of channels is limited by the constant (modulation) frequency-channel product as well as the ability to differentiate. Basically there's a limit to data transfer: either a lot of channels at lower frequencies (clock speed) or some channels at high frequencies. The real problem is the amount of memory. At lightspeed, the massive parallelism easily creates processing data exceeding bandwidth and storage within the system.

The basic holographic storing element of the optical chip is an optical bit or voxel. Although, it is possible to pack more information by using many different spectral or energetic photons, these are complicated and require more control circuitry, hence, reducing storage space. Therefore, the number of different photons is best limited to two. With a cell size of 4 nm 9 Peta-bytes per cubic centimeter is possible. A spherical cap crystal with base a radius of 2 cm and a height of 1.5 cm has a volume of 11.19 cm^3. With half the volume dedicated to memory that's good for 45 PB or 75 seconds of operation (2x single per clock) without freeing up memory. The memory chip appears to have a size of about 2.6x1.4x0.5 cm or a volume of 1.82 cm^3 or 16.38 PB.

The optical computer is very efficient and could work with just (single) photons. Using the Kreuno as a flashlight and spending billions of photons a second is incomparable wasteful.

Work station[edit]

There are generally two types of Abh working station:

  • seat-only with control display recessed in the floor
  • complete station

An Abh work station consist of touch screens and a minor number of physical buttons. As the display can display any data the majority of Abh working stations are configurable for different jobs. All Abh work stations use the Imperial Data System Symbology. The seats are designed for comfort and assist during high-g acceleration by changing their seat angle toward a lying configuration.

Control Glove[edit]

Latonyu: Battle command console[edit]

Pilot workstation[edit]

Engineering workstation[edit]

Gunner workstation[edit]

Administration workstation[edit]

Artificial gravity[edit]

For the last 300 years it has become common for manors to carry artificial gravity devices. All starships have artificial gravity devices. As the devices are still large in size they cannot be build into shuttles and small crafts yet.

Magnetic shield[edit]

A magnetic shield can divert or weaken antiproton cannon shots and laser beams. It's less effective against physical attacks e.g. mines. This technology is being used by all galactic powers.


This particular technology has caused a lot of confusion among fans due to its name. The reason being the non-explainable physical connection between laser and magnetic force. Actually, the explanation is simple but complicatedly rooted in history of the real scientific world as well as the japanese scifi world. A long time ago when the nature of light was discovered people just started to understand it as an electro-magnetic energy that has a wave form. The scifi world was quick at taking up the idea without really understanding it. As a result terms like wave-motion-drive or wave-cannon were invented to describe a superluminal technology for faster than light drive or powerful energy weapons. Therefore, likewise a magnetic shield would be able to counter an (electro-)magnetic energy like laser. These terms have nothing to do with the physical understanding of today. It's just an outdated naming tradition or retro-thing. Like other things, how it really works does not necessary have anything to do with its name.

Antimatter production[edit]

The technology of antimatter production is ancient, but has been scaled up to astronomical dimensions. A fixed star's radiation is collected with solar batteries, then that energy is directed into a linear accelerator, that produces the antimatter. Accelerated elementary particles are accelerated at speed and smashed with enough energy to create small quantities of antimatter. Disc-shaped antimatter fuel factories (Joth) are very profitable. The antiprotons are collected into containers connected to the Joth. When a container was full, it was placed further into orbit as an independent asteroid to prevent cataclysmic meltdowns.






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