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Abriel Star.png
Abriel star system
Location information

Cradle of the Empire (Gyrsaug Frybarar)


Humankind Empire of Abh


Territory of Count Abriel



population composition:

Abh, various others

local language:


Planar Space

Abriel system, Abriel County[1], or Abriel Earldom is the Territory of Count(ess) Abriel. The domain and title always belongs to reigning Emperor or Empress. Its star is called Abriel in honor of the city-ship that first brought the Abh into space. The Abriel star system, also known as the Imperial Capital Lakfakalle of the Humankind Empire of Abh. The Abriel star system is located in the Ilysr Kingdom on the 12th Sord Ring. It is also where all the eight kingdom sords are residing, hence, it is also the heart of the Ilyrs Kingdom. Therefore, Lakfakalle is also commonly understood as the "City of Eight Gates"


Once the Abh had aquired plane-space technology , they realized that intergalactic wars between humans had become possible. The Abh didn't want to let them take advantage of it. They decided to monopolize the new technology. This led to the founding of the Empire and Lakfakalle. Since the greatest Empire in human history began in the Arosh, it is referred to as "Cradle of the Empire" (Gyrsaug Frybarar).

Despite numerous attacks in the past the system had never fallen.


The central star of the star system is a yellow G-type star. There is one habitable planet in the system.

The Capital[edit]

Main article: Lakfakalle


Count(ess) Abriel has supreme authority over the capital and the star system. Aside from governmental offices, there are also the various military headquarters in the system.


The star is surrounded in a cage of narrow, twisting fibers, that are in fact belt-shaped structures about five hundred WesDagh (50 km) wide. Each side facing the star contained solar batteries that powered antimatter factories. It was the largest antimatter factory in the Empire, and also the largest antimatter fuel factory in the known universe.


The eight Sords were lined up at equal intervals in an orbit one thousand SecDagh (1 million km) out from the Arosh Lakfakalle. They orbit in opposite direction of the Arosh, each Sords is defended by their own mobile air fortresses (Lonid Horka). It is one of the best defended location of the Empire.

The Abh incurred some losses during their campaign; there were the remains of two Spunej and seven Kilugia, among others, scattered throughout space. Mostly, though, the Abh victory song "Frybar Gloer Gor Bari" rang loud and clear throughout the galaxy.

Military Production[edit]

The Lespo shipyard produces Roil-Class assault ships at the rate of one every ten minutes. The Beitur shipyard produces the latest model Kau-Class patrol ships. The Vorbinort shipyard produces Solf-Class Battleships of the line. The Shuurar shipyard produces Galum-Class assault vessels. The Gokulorsh shipyard produces Heju-Class uard ships. There are many more shipyards.