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Ablïarsec Néïc Dubleuscr Larth Kryb Dubeusec
Astrological information
Biographical information
Physical information




Hair Color

blue hair

Political information

Humankind Empire of Abh

Social class

Kryb King, royalty, Nobility


Kryb Kingdom

Military information
Military rank

prior to ICY 935 Rear Admiral

  • Admiral (ICY 956)

Abriel Dubeusec is a Imperial Admiral of the Laburec and incumbent King of Kingdom Kryb He has commanded forces during operations Light Snow and Snow Crystal. Presently he holds an unknown position on the imperial line of succession; however, his daughter Abriel Lafiel is crown princess. His brother Abriel Dusanyu stands as heir-apparent to the throne of the Humankind Empire of Abh.


Pre-War and Early Known History[edit]

As a member of the royal family, he grew up with the expectation not only to serve in the Laburec but as well to become a significant member of state within the Empire. He and his brother Dusanyu would see very different paths in life, perhaps in part due to Ramaj's favoring of Dusanyu over Dubeusec. Nevertheless, he honorably pursued his role as a royal soldier, entering military training at age 15.

Some time before ICY 935 he retired as Rear Admiral, while Dusanyu remained in the Laburec and would eventually oversee Operation Quicksand which annexed System Hyde. Either in his time in service of between the years of ICY 935 and ICY 955, he had begun a relationship in secret with Plakia Lexshue. From this relationship the couple bore two children; Abriel Lafiel in ICY 935 and Abriel Duhir in ICY 940. He chose with Lexshue's permission to keep her relationship for a brief time secret from their children; perhaps due to potential conflicts of interest given she soon would resume service in the Laburec while he remained retired.

The War[edit]

In ICY 952, he returned to active duty and retraining to meet the threat of the then Three Nations Alliance and to form an emergency reserve in Kingdom Kryb, his own domain. In this capacity he did not see action, but having a well trained and active reserve would be deployed as one reinforcement arm of Operation Hunter. His task from Operation Light Snow was to link up with the forces of Hunter after he had succeeded in reclaiming territory lost in the early stages of The War. During this time, following his father's example, Abriel Duhir would enlist and begin his own training in the Laburec.

Operation Snow Crystal[edit]

By ICY 959, he had mainly been delegated to rear duties despite being an imperial admiral with some combat experience. Potentially, given the duration of the war, he was to command an elite reserve to deal a final killing blow the Alliance, During Operation Snow Crystal, he had command of the fleets being prepared in the Skiil Kingdom, when suddenly the Alliance launched its Lakfakalle Campaign. Presently, his whereabouts are unknown, most likely still fighting though at the moment his units are considered missing in action.

Family and Relationships[edit]

Plakia Lexshue[edit]

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