Abriel Duhir

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Ablïarsec Néïc Dubleuscr Duhir
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I.C.Y. 940

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Humankind Empire of Abh

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Nobility- Prince

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Ablïarsec Néïc Dubleuscr Viscount of Wemdaisu (Borl Wemdaisal) Duhir is Abriel Lafiel's younger brother. He is a prince of the Kryp Kingdom.


The youngest of the current line of Abriels eligible to succeed to the throne; the younger brother of Abriel Lafiel has lived in the shadow of a royal and military tradition for much of his young life and been exposed to The War from age 12. In his youth he had trained and engaged in sport, normally competing against his older sister, including in the zero-gravity joust.

He entered military training in ICY 955 sometime after Operation Hunter. The War at this point had been raging for three years, and perhaps eager to prove himself as his sister had already done in battle on multiple occasions, he lept upon every opportunity to accelerate his training in an effort to see the front as soon as possible.

In ICY 959, he earned a commission as Wing Flyer, assigned to be the deputy logistics officer aboard the Kaisof, a battleship of the Sof-Class. The Kaisof was taking part in Operation Twin Thorns and had seen some action, giving the prince Duhir his first real taste of war. Following this action, in the same year, he was assigned as Imperial Representative for Operation Snow Crystal and given a temporary promotion suited to this role.

At the time the Imperial Lakfakalle fell, Duhir was in the on the other side of the galaxy aboard the patrol ship Bundeiju in the Salim star system within the Federation of Hania. He was summoned by Admiral Kotoponi, and had been handed over per Kotoponi's orders to Admiral Jamupeel of the 5th Fleet Snow Crystal. The order was to get Duhir to headquarters. During this time, he saw battle while still aboard the lightly armed Bundeiju, and the 5th Fleet Snow Crystal ended up behind enemy lines.

Kotoponi's message informed Duhir of the dire situation of the Empire, and about how his father has been trapped within the Skiil Kingdom. Still a member of the Laburec, he remained on duty and continued to serve his commission as an officer, seeing battle at both the Battle of Dinin Gate and the ongoing Battle of Skiil, where the 5th Fleet would attempt a breakout toward Snow Crystal Headquarters; however, leaving Abriel Dubeusec's whereabouts for now unknown.


Duhir is reserved and thoughtful. He has a bit of a sister complex. He tries hard to chase after his sister and fulfill his royal obligations. This makes him feeling awkward. He tries hard to fight off prejudice against his status, and be accepted by captain Bersot.


Due to his social status he feels being challenged by captain Bersot. He has a good relationship with Front Flyer Vonyu, the senior communication officer of the ship. She often takes his side and argues against the captain in a familiar way.

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