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Ramaj icy952 audience1.png
Ablïarsec Néïc Dubleuscr Doriyu Ablïarsar Lamï
Astrological information
Biographical information

I.C.Y. (840-850)


KIA I.C.Y. 959

Physical information




Hair Color

bright, blue hair

Eye Color

mixture of red and brown

Political information

Humankind Empire of Abh

Social class

Nobility- Empress


the Territory of Count Abriel

Military information
Military rank
  • Imperial Admiral (before ICY 905)
  • Admiral (before ICY 905)

Ablïarsec Néïc Dubleuscr Doriyu Ablïarsar Lamï, Her Majesty Erumita Ramaj, Erumita Ramaj, Spunej, Countess Abriel is the 27th and current Empress of the Humankind Empire of Abh. She is the daughter of former Empress Lameimar and is the grandmother of Princess Abriel Lafiel. As Empress she declared war on the Four Nations Alliance in ICY 952. The War continues on with her having witnessed the numerous operations launched by the Empire.


Ramaj was born into the nobility as a Princess of the Humankind Empire of Abh as part of the Kryb Abriel family. By law, Abriels are the sole family to inherit the throne except in dire political crisis, which none has yet occurred. She grew up in a relative time of peace prior to ascending to the throne some time during ICY 905 as Empress.

Her duties included both ceremonial duties as commander of the Laburec and practical duties as the chief political officer whom managed numerous appointments. Under her reign, a Lander Prime Minster had been elected; Shidoryua Siizu some time before or during ICY 952, a rarity for Abh politics. This in part did reveal a willingness of the Empire to negotiate and include non-Abh humans in sincere political discourse, which few Landers are aware of.

Military Service[edit]

the Academy[edit]

As all noble families must do at some point in their lives, she joined the Laburec and involved herself deeply in the studies of strategy and tactics of conventional warfare. That being said, the empire had been relatively peaceful and had no serious opponents to test these conventions. She with new staff officers at later dates would research and develop new methods of engaging the enemy prior to ICY 952, though specifics are not known.

These being her formative years, the Laburec at her behest as Empress emphasized mobile warfare conventional at the time before ICY 952; Assault-ships being the mainline units and Patrol-ships able to carry out independent recon missions at the flanks of the main mobile attack force.

Early Military Career[edit]

Kamintel Campaign[edit]

In ICY 905, Ramaj led the Kamintel campaign and appeared to have decisively won the Kamintel War. This served as one of the earliest tests of Ramaj as an officer and somewhat as a political leader. The Kamintel did pose some threat, but this conflict was resolved rather quickly relative to proper campaigns of the empire. She had displayed some tactical innovation by using her assault squadrons in wolfpacks; grouping flyers in tight and fast moving squadrons the disrupt enemy cohesion at the front rather than engaging in pitch dogfighting.

Ascension to the throne and Reign[edit]

Her military brilliance and leadership during the Kamintel War show she'd make a quality Empress when the time came. The Emperor at the time stepping down or passing away resulted in her ascension sooner than expected. Her commission as an officer evolved into her role as a politician, and though she excelled at the tactical level, she would need time to develop strategic management over an entire empire. She at the time would be de jure Commander-in-Chief, yet reserved the right to appoint military officers to serve in that role within the Laburec as Chief of the forces.

Hyde System and Martine[edit]

Seeing a potential strategic threat of humanity attempting to curtail Abh expansion, or worse, an avenue of approach to attack the Abh capital, she tasked the heir Abriel Dusanyu with developing an operation to capture a key sord in Kingdom Ilsyr. In ICY 945, Imperial Admiral Dusanyu proposed and launched with her approval Operation Quicksand to seize system Hyde. Incidentally, the system had a government that had moderate space traveling capability and heavy anti-space defenses orbiting their inhabited world, Martine.

Ramaj began to receive reports from the Prince that the system's president; then Rock Linn, wished to join them as an autonomous noble real with Rock Linn's position elevated to a noble one to ensure the loyalty of the people. This being a far-flung system and neither Ramaj or Dusanyu interested in governing a Lander world, his proposal to elevate his family to nobility was accepted without incident, thus annexing Martine and ending the operation without bloodshed.

This was the first time this was ever done by negotiation and set a precedent for Landers to be able to further enter or negotiate means to join the Empire or join the nobility. That being side, Ramaj had no way of know that Rock Linn was an incredibly unpopular president and made this request so his position would become permanent. If anything, this move made the system Hyde far more disloyal than if the Empire had seized the system by direct occupation of the planet. After six years, the conquest of the Martine gave the Four Nations Alliance a pretext to escalate an already strained relationship.

The War[edit]

Ramaj icy952 audience2.png

In ICY 952, the Four Nations Alliance accused the Empire of ambushing an assault squadrion during Battle of Goslauth. As an Imperial officer Empress Ramaj was undeterred by the impudence of the Four Nations Alliance and stalled the negotiations for a time, since all persons; Abh and Lander, were acting undiplomatic. Before long the Nova-Sicily powers presented her an ultimatum; at minimum allow military access to Kingdom Ilsyr. She reprimanded them before declaring war outright without giving them a chance to build further on their false accusation and elaborate on alternatives to their ultimatum. It's reported that one of the ambassadors said to her, "But Empress, you'll be at war with half the galaxy", to which she replied,

Yes, but we control the other half.

Battle of Skaresh[edit]

For an Empire that may not have seen a major war since ICY 905, and an Empress who was commanding in said war was unprepared for war. While Trife's fleet had won a major victory at Battle of Sufagnoff, Abh military intelligence lagged behind and failed to detect an Alliance assault that slipped into Kingdom Ilsyr as Ramaj predicted and attempting to assault Lakfakalle.

Luckily the capital was not seriously pressed before the bulk of the Abh forces arrived to repulse the enemy, albeit at great cost. She may have anticipated the cost; however, this would take great time to recover from. A cease fire that both sides adhered to took place from ICY 952 to ICY 955, most likely helped by her political maneuvering. Additionally, Hania never declared war, so as it stood Ramaj managed to keep the war limited by keeping her Prime Minister Shidoryua Siizu in close contact with Hania.

Following the battle, she made some reformation to the Laburec and appointed Abriel Dusanyu as principal commander-in-chief; she would remain commander-in-chief of the Empire, which is an important distinction. She entrusted the heir-apparent with being able to adapt and coordinate the war effort to achieve a quick victory once the military regained its strength.

Operations Phantom Flame and Hunter[edit]

With Abriel Dusanyu now in command of the forces at the front, she began to review the logistics and structure of the reserve. She bolstered the defenses of Lakfakalle at this time with mobile fortresses, similar to the one orbiting Aptic that Spoor engaged in the First Battle of Aptic. She additionally made plans to develop newer academies for the Laburec tied directly to the main shipbuilding facilities so that battle ready ships may be deployed rapidly to the front. Still emphasizing speed and mobility, she wished for a highly dynamic and light-ship focused Star Force.

Soon, well into Operation Phantom Flame, it was discovered that conventional tactics needed a change, and the lesson the Alliance learned from Skaresh was to build greater numbers of patrol and battleship classes to brawl out the Abh forces. Additionally to counter speed, separation mines were developed so that swarms of munitions could devastate lightly armored and lightly shielded targets Ramaj implemented a mandate to develop a new medium sized ship that balanced speed, punching power, and the ability to withstand damage. These ships, the Caubh-Class were still in prototyping during Operation Hunter; however, at the time the newer Patrol ships the Kau-Class still proved effective enough for the time.


Operation Light Snow and The Martine Gate War Games[edit]

During this time, the 1st Devastation Squadron, composed entirely of Caubh-class frigates had been deployed and were ready for field testing. Given that the time, Ramaj and Dusanyu ordered a general pause in offensives and to dig in their held positions; Ramaj began planning the war game to try out these new ships. In the meantime, her son, Dubeusec led a fleet to link up with the lead elements of Operation Hunter's 4th Fleet commanded by Admiral Bebaus. THe objective was to bridge a second isthmus that had formed well to the right flank of the original positions of Phantom Flame. This went off with little incident, freeing up time for Ramaj to get the Laburec prepared for the war game and get these new ships out to the front for a new offensive.

This led to some controversy as the system Hyde had secretly reinforced and resupplied by the Alliance during the brief time the planet had been liberated. Since then, a Martine superweapon Big Charlie had been reactivated and an active ground resistance against Abh security forces had been detailed. There were two separate assassination attempts against the grand-daughter of the Empress Abriel Lafiel, and her deputy representative the Earl of Hyde, Count Jinto Linn.

Neither attempt put the two seriously in danger; however, Abh response had seriously damaged negotiations for re-annexation of the system into the Empire. Count Linn volunteered to exile himself to a distance of 1 light second away from his world in exchange for Hyde annexation; making him the only noble whom had no access to his own domain in the entire Empire, an embarrassment to the Empire's reputation of diplomacy. Some Lander and Abh political commentators attributed this diplomatic blunder on Ramaj or the Laburec's desire to keep the exercise top-secret; unusual for a military already in the midst of war with no front near Ilsyr any longer.

Operation Twin Thorns[edit]

Regardless of the political outcome, in this case Ramaj accepted the price in exchange for having finally proven the fighting power and speed of the newly developed ships. The ordered the next wave of offensives to be coordinated. Imperial Admiral Dusanyu placed Admiral Kotoponi in command of Operation Twin Thorns. While the Admiral had served well during Skaresh, Phantom Flame, and rear duty during Hunter; there were troubling new developments. Twin Thorns did have a decisive yet costly victory at Kemal. Over the following week, she began to consider diplomatic maneuvering to try to hasten the end of the war, especially one week later once the reports from the Battles of Marial and Elkon Gates arrived, the bloodiest campaign since the Second Battle of Aptic.

Given that Hania remained neutral following the Battle of Skaresh, she now used her Prime Minster to attempt to investigate claims that she began to recieve that Hania may had had elements that desired to defect or outright join the Empire as a subject nation.

Downfall, Snow Crystal and Operation Phoenix[edit]

Ramaj worried.png

In ICY 959, the Federation of Hania proposed a plan to join the Empire in exchange for elevating their leadership to Imperial nobility. Over six years into the war and the loss of countless lives, Empress Ramaj felt that wagering a handful of fleets for the gain of a new ally was a worthy bet. After much consideration she agreed to the proposal of Invasion Plan No. 3 in hope of shortening the war. This would serve two purposes: first, determining whether or not the Federation of Hania would act in good faith, secondly being able to protect or gather as many defectors as possible, and finally if Hania resiste, secure the entire nation in force.

She ordered the initiation of Operation Snow Crystal which was to send a considerable force to relatively peacefully annex the Federation of Hania. Forces from the front-lines within the Kingdom of Kryb were diverted for the operation, an opportunity the Four Nations Alliance was waiting for. While the forces of the operation circumnavigated the galactic center the Alliance invaded and marched toward the Imperial capital. This led to the Battle of Kryb in ICY 959.

Immediately upon receiving the news of the betrayal Empress Ramaj initiated Operation Phoenix, an emergency evacuation of the capital. While the evacuation proceeded she organized the last remaining forces for the defense and to delay the enemy. Leading the Imperial Guard Fleet, she died in battle for the Kryp Sord. She's the third Emperor to perish in the line of duty.


She has a certain degree of passion and initiative. She is a responsible leader who is always concerned about her subjects and people under her command. She values them important enough to bet the Empire if the end justifies it. As a leader she is farsighted and does not hesitate to make difficult decisions. She likes to converse about human ethics and explore human nature.


Abriel Dubeusec[edit]

She feels dissapointment in her son. Their relation is not bad but also not good either.

Abriel Lafiel[edit]

She is fond of her granddaughter Lafiel, whose upbringing is in her opinion the only good thing her disappointing son was good at.

Abriel Dusanyu[edit]

She likes to converse with Dusanyu about ethics.

Jinto Linn[edit]

Due to his accomplishment in protecting Lafiel, she and her family feel they owe him.

Faramunsh Rusam[edit]

Ramaj Faramunsh.png

She has a long acquaintance with Faramunsh Rusam such that she knows how he thinks, feels, and his quirks. The relationship could be called friendship, although, it is probably more that between a senior and junior.

Shidoryua Siizu[edit]

Shidoryua was the previous Imperial prime minister. As a lander he had served the Empire well enough to be elevated to nobility and given his own territory. Over the years Empress Ramaj had come to value his abilities. His sudden death in ICY 959 may have influenced the events leading to the Battle of Kryb and the fall of Lakfakalle.


She has two children: current Kryb King Dubeusec and Countess Ramryun.


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