Abriel Ramryun

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Ablïarsec Néïc Dubleuscr (Dreu Gemfado) Ramryun
Astrological information
Biographical information


Physical information




Hair Color

light indigo (縹色の髪)

Political information

Humankind Empire of Abh

Social class

Nobility- Countess


Gemfazu county

Military information

Ablïarsec Néïc Dubleuscr Countess Gemfazu (Dryu Gemfado) Ramryun (アブリアル・ネイ=ドゥブレスク・ゲムファーズ伯爵(ドリュー・ゲムファド)・ラムリューヌ) is a Royal woman of the Humankind Empire of Abh. Until ICY 952, she was formerly known as Ablïarsec Néïc Dubleuscr Viscountess Gemfazu (Bœrh Gemfado) Ramryun (アブリアル・ネイ=ドゥブレスク・ゲムファーズ子爵(ベール・ゲムファド)・ラムリューヌ).


Sometime before ICY 935, the Countess has build an antimatter plant around the star, an orbital Viscount building (jap.: 子爵館)(Baronh: ベーレクス) managing the transport and storage of antimatter, and the orbital Gemufazu Viscount mansion (jap.: ゲムファーズ子爵館)(Baronh: ベーテクス・ゲムファド).

Around ICY 935, she started a terraforming project on the Planet Suirume within her "uninhabitated" territory. In ICY 952, the Planet Suirume became habitable and colonization commenced. Subsequently, Ramyun was elevated from Viscountess to Countess.


Ramryun had a different gene donator than her brother Dubeusec. She has been born and raised within the Royal Kryb Palace. As a child she hated going out by herself.



She is the daughter of Empress Ramage She is the younger sister of Abriel Dubeusec. She is Abriel Lafiel's and Abriel Duhir's aunt.



She has been keeping a black cat.

Vassals & Contractors[edit]

  • Arusuryua (アルースリュア): she is the hired magistrate/chief administrator
  • Isozu (イソーズ): he is a vassal serving in the second harbor
  • Emugazu (エムガーズ): chief of space lane control; controller (航路長)(Baronh: ファス・ビル Fasu Biru)
  • Kufaparu (クファパール): Estate representative ecosystem coordinator
  • Sukarenyu (スカレーニュ): she is the head attendant (ケイブリア Keiburia)
  • Sunakashu (スナカシュ): caretaker hired for terraforming

Difference and Changes within Novel[edit]

Since the Danshou short story "Eagre/Tidal Bore" (海嘯) there have been numerous conflicting information to previous established information. Most of which are regarding various dates as well as the length of the terraforming process. The dates are related to Ramage's and Dubeusec's coronation, Lafiel's birth, and Dusanyu's coronation. Although, this depends on the initial condition of the planet terraforming was supposed to take at least 50 years long in previous novels. Now, it rarely takes more than 30 years.


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