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Atosuryua Ssynec Atosr
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I.C.Y. 911

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Humankind Empire of Abh

Social class

Nobility- Baroness

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初代フェブダーシュ男爵 = First Baroness Febdash is the founder of the family name Atosuryua. The name Atosuryua means "end of Atos" and Ssynec Atosr is probably the remains of her original name.


She is a woman from the Planet Di Laplance. She is the mother of Atosuryua Sruf.

Due to over-population and domestic circumstances she had to choose between moving to an empty planet or becoming an Imperial citizen (Lef). She chose to join the Star Forces to hasten the process. She first enlisted in the weaponry department (Fazuia Robon) as a Bondev Sashu - infantry. She was a "real badass" in Sruf's word. She met a handsome man in the military, married him and gave birth to Sruf. She managed to enter Kenru (Faziar Robon) - weapons school. After graduation she was reassigned to the Faziar Robon where she serve as an officer for many years until she became a Lef. She got divorced then and began to work harder. She became chief in arms production. She rose to Spainec Laburar, became the Technical Director, and eventually became High Commander in Administration. In ICY 906, she retired and was given the title of Baroness and her own territory for her accomplishments. She raised her grandchildren Klowal and Loy after their birth, but she died within the territory of Baron Febdash after departing for Lakfakalle in ICY 911.