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Atosuryua Srumh001.png
Atosryac Ssynec Atosr Ryufu Reka Febdak Srumh
Astrological information
Biographical information

before I.C.Y. 882


I.C.Y. 959


Atosuryua Ssynec Atosr

Physical information




Hair Color

grey hair(bleached)

Eye Color

grey eyebrows

Political information

Humankind Empire of Abh

Social class

Nobility - former Baron


Febdash Barony

Military information

Atosryac Ssynec Atosr Ryufu Reka Febdak Srumh, Atosuryua Sruf the former Baron Febdash, former Baron Febdash or simply Atosuryua is a genetic Lander and the second Baron Febdash. He is the father of Atosuryua Klowal and Atosuryua Loy.


He was born while his mother was still a normal citizen.

Loy and Klowal[edit]

His children are born Abh. Both of them served with the Star Forces, with Klowal returning to take over the Barony.

Srumh loves his children but like a proper Abh he doesn't show it openly as humans do. He regrets not having raised Klowal properly and that Klowal developed his inferiority complex. He may also regret not being able to see Loy either, who stayed away due to duty or disagreement with her brother.


Surf served in the technical department of the Star Forces. Surf was a Lodair Fazer Hal when his mother was elevated to nobility and given her own territory. Using his skill he designed and built the whole orbital Febash mansion. Sometime in ICY 911, he became the 2nd ruler of the Barony Febdash for the next 11 years. In ICY 922, he was imprisoned by his son Atosuryua Klowal even before Klowal was official the new Baron yet. It is assumed he was forced to retire from the Star Forces and his title. Surf never got to hand over his design plans for the mansion. This circumstance would ultimately serve to realize his escape. In ICY 952, he was rescued by Imperial Princess Lafiel. While aboard her boat he was able to bridge his twenty-year technology gap and operated the Soteyua. He was reinstated temporarily as Baron Febdash after his son's death. The title was transferred to his daughter Loy. Since then he lived in the mansion in the Imperial capital. In ICY 959, he joined in the defense of the Imperial capital Lakfakalle and is presumed to have perished in battle.

Lafiel and Jinto[edit]

"I'm sure you know this; It's above our rank to receive the Count Prince, but to also receive her Highness the Princess, my late mother would be thrilled to hear of this"
―Former Baron, Atosuryua Sruf making light of the situation his son put him in after the Princess's arrival.[src]

During the incident between Lafiel and Klowal, Jinto Linn is imprisoned with Atosuryua Sruf within the baronial residence and they become acquaintances. Sruf then helps Jinto and Lafiel to escape and defeat Klowal by using his engineering expertise to override several of the spaceport's systems. Following the death of his son Klowal, Sruf presumably resumes governance of the Febdash territory while his daughter Loy continues her career in the Star Forces.


He is mild, and is a genial old man aloof from worldly matters. At his age he has come to develop interests in gardening and news from outside the territory.


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