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The Attack ship (ソーパイ = Sopaïc) is a new category of warship that was introduced during the war. This type of ship was created to field a ship that combines the swiftness of a destroyer with the firepower and armor of a cruiser. Equipped with electromagnetic cannons and antiproton cannons they can destroy any ship with one salvo. Their defense capability is also much greater than a destroyer. With their speed and range this type of ship offers a good alternative to cruisers. Currently this type of ships is deployed in squadrons of 13 ships, which are given equal tactical worth as one cruiser squadron.


As assault ships proofed to be too light armored and armed during the war, a need for a more powerful but still lighter than cruiser type arose. This caused a heated debate among military experts on the classification of this new type of ships. Among the many names were light-cruiser, and heavy assault ship. The attack ship name was a result the compromise.

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