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Royal Palace fortress
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Humankind Empire of Abh


Barke Kingdom



population composition:

Abh, various others

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Planar Space

Territory in ICY 952

The Faicec Barkal (バルケー王国(フェーク・バルケール)), Barke Kingdom is one of eight Kingdoms in the Humankind Empire of Abh. Its territory is the southern part of plane space. Up until ICY 959, Crown Prince Abriel Dusanyu was the King.


The Barke Sord originates from one of the original yuanon powering the city-ships of the Abriel. The creation of the Barke Kingdom coincides with the opening of the closed Sord. Hence, its territory is based on the navigation routes from its position in plane space.

Its territory lies within Milky Way galaxy Sord Group.

In ICY 959, for the first time in history, a massive enemy attack was successful in conquering the Arosh. As the only connection to the Empire's heart the main connection between all kingdoms was severed. Since, then the Imperial capital has been moved to the Sotoryuru defense prefecture within the Barke Kingdom.


Sord Barke lies within the Imperial capital Lakfakalle in the Abriel star system, also known as the territory of Count(ess) Abriel or Abriel County.


It is a city-ship converted to a Royal palace fortress.


The control of the Sord lies in the hands of one of the Royal Abriel families from which it received its name, the Barke branch. The head of the clan becomes the King or Queen of the kingdom. Similar to nobles (landed Voda) who didn't rule their nations, the title was mostly a meaningless honorific. Territorial sovereigns (Fapyut) reported directly to the Spunej, not the kings.


The Barke family maintains its own court appropriate for its status. Other than the employees of the household the kingdom does not have any subjects.


As a fortress its defense is strong.

List of Kings and Queens[edit]