Battlefield Life

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Battlefield Life is about life on the front line or simple in times of war for soldiers.


Aside from battle or combat battlefield life is the same as usual you live on your ship. This is a complete contrast to ancient wars where man has to carry himself onto the battlefield, and adjust life to its harsh environment.. Life in the past was miserable, full of suffering, and full of dangers, not only from the enemy but also from nature. The modern day warrior lives more or less comfortable within his ship. He practically goes onto the battlefield with his home and fights in front of his workstation. The only complains are the confinement of the ship and that his belongings are limited to some bags or container box.

Battlefield entertainment, R&R[edit]

Social entertainment hosted by the ship's crew happens regularly and has long become a common practice to maintain moral and relationship aboard a ship. However, only so much can be done with the same people you know over and over again. In order to relief stress and refresh the warriors tired minds and bodies the Star Forces deploys mobile cities on the battlefield. These mammoth structures house everything from bars, little shops to grand luxurious restaurants and huge garden parks. The Star Forces goes to great length to provide its battle worn troops with opportunities to relief stress. Even if mobile cities are not available or the battlefield is too dangerous for their deployment the Star Forces would convert transport ships like the Kutel-Class to provide the necessary services. Even small units operating long-term in remote areas do get to enjoy the services of a small Mobile station. In fact, the numerous mobile cities and special transport ships have become so common on the front lines that some soldier feel bored by them.