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Bibauth Aronn Nérémr Ïarlucec Néféc
Astrological information
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Hair Color

dark blue to violet hair

Eye Color

silver-colored eyes

Political information

Humankind Empire of Abh

Social class


Military information
Military rank
  • Kilo-Commander ICY 952-955
  • Rear-Admiral ICY 955
  • Admiral ICY 955-Present

(ビボース・アロン=ネレム・公子(ヤルルーク)・ネフェー) Bibauth Aronn Nérémr Ïarlucec Néféc, Bebaus Nefee, or simply Nefee is Neres's twin brother. He has served typically as Chief of Staff of his brother's command. He has served with distinction during Operation Phantom Flame, and Operation Hunter.

Neres and Nefee, Pre-War[edit]

The Bebaus family has a reputation for what is called "Spectacular Insanity". Whether this reputation is justified by action in battle of business is not clearly known. Nefee appears to have no such insanity, often having a steadfast and serious manner in addressing tasks. He often acts as his brother's foil; often acting on impulse. Nefee often teases Neres because of his past relationship to Kenesh prior to the outbreak of the war.

Neither he or his brother Neres are career officers. Even though his brother seizes more opportunities by his more impulse nature, Nefee often exercises restraint and calculation. They both had primarily private political and business careers prior to The War. In fact, his twin brother Neres engaged in a brief relationship with Admiral Kenesh, which Nefee often does use to tease his brother.

Early Military Career[edit]

Nefee as a noble would see military service soon, but little action even following the outbreak of The War. In ICY 952 Nefee was appointed by Neres as his Chief of Staff following training and assignment into the Empire's forces. Even with a command, their reputation likely prevented them from being ordered into combat despite the need for frontline units. Later as it seemed, Dusanyu found this reluctance to use admirals based on their family's reputation to be a liability. In the ceasefire, he began to plan the Empire's next operation and he intended to broaden the corps of officers he could use.

Operation Phantom Flame[edit]

In ICY 955, Kilo-Commander Nefee would preside and advise over Neres's command of Defense Fleet Aptic, during the Aptic Campaign. Neither having seen much combat, Dusanyu appointed them to lead the defense so that he would have more veteran commanders at his disposal. Political and military critics within and without their crew questioned this strategic decision; however, Neres wnated an opportunity to prove himself and their family in battle. Nefee relayed this information the Neres and cautioned him to make the best use of this chance to dispel the rumors of madness between the two.

Once given their orders, the Bebaus brothers took the most reasonable and sound action in combat in and effort to finally rid themselves of this reputation of "spectacular insanity". Nefee oversaw overall logistics of their small command which still was a daunting task. The Defense Fleet Aptic had little in terms of resources, including coolant. He did his best to explain the situation to Neres so that way their force can maximize both their fighting power and extend their supplies to their maximum limit.

The command of two managed the battle effective, despite their forces being strained for over 50 hours of continuous fighting. Nefee advised and coordinated the lines of battle laid out by Neres and advised on the best action to attempt to mitigate ammunition and losses. There was some alarm concerning Neres attempted to order the defense fleet to charge; however, Nefee reminded him of their dire situation and advised that they hold their ground until the battle ended.

Operation Hunter[edit]

In ICY 955, following the success of the Aptic Campaign, both Nefee and Neres would receive promotions and assignments to command the 4th Fleet Hunter, Nefee still Chief of Staff, now as an Admiral. He calculated some of the risks of their rapid advance, now Neres had command of an offensive, a campaign he preferred. Immediately, Neres drove a rapid advance home against the enemy. Nefee managed the logistics of the advance as best possible, though informed the admiral of the risks such a large and hurried advance posed to the operation.

The advance of the operation stretched Neres's force and Trife's 21st fleet thin, resulting in an attempted breakthrough by the United Mankind at Lobnas II. Neres, having confidence in the ability of the 21st and 1st Fleets Hunter, counted on them protecting his rear and giving him time to continue his attacks and force the enemy to answer him, rather than the other way arround.

Nefee and Neres completed their operations successfully, linking up with Imperial Admiral Abriel Dubeusec. With Trife's capture of an enemy fleet at Salks, they would continue to serve well throughout the war effectively as a command of two. Nefee continues to advise and run the daily operations of the fleets under his brother's command, doing great work in dispelling the notions of insanity at least between himself and his brother.


Despite the reputation that the family name Bebaus brings, or the confusion between him and his twin brother, Nefee very much is his own man. He has a cool and collected perspective, even in the midst of battle. Nefee has a charming personality as well, being sociable with others and relatively outgoing.

He generally can be said to be the opposite of Neres in terms of temperament. Neres tends to be impulsive, brash, and a bit aggressive even in social situations, even though he has his own charm. Nefee on the other hand, more often needing to intervene to reign in his brother, acts carefully to preserve some noble elegance.

Because the pair are identical twins, coupled with Neres's behavior, and family name, Nefee is left to attempt to dispel any notions of his own, much less his family's reputation for madness.


He enjoys managing logistics and being at the head of significant or assault command; however, due to the Imperial Command's distrust of either his family or specifically Neres, he effectively must act as the dual head of his brother's command.

He personally prefers to avoid discussions of politics or the family, understanding the significant disadvantage as a Bebaus he has of any constructive talk.

Despite how he may appear to oppose his brother often, he takes great insult when people claim Neres is mad, or try to defame either of them due to their family reputation. He never hesitates to step in to defend his brother. Typically he tries to prevent he or his brother from stepping into such a situation to begin with.

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