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Bibauth Aronn Nérémr Ïarlucec Nélaith
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dark blue to violet hair

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silver-colored eyes

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Humankind Empire of Abh

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( ビボース・アロン=ネレム・公子(ヤルルーク)・ネレース) Bibauth Aronn Nérémr Ïarlucec Nélaith, Bebaus Neres, or simply Neres is Nefee's twin brother. He has seen success in battle, being given commands during the 2nd Battle of Aptic and Operation Hunter. He currently acts as the head of the Bebaus family while serving on active military duty.

Neres and Nefee, Before The War[edit]

He was born at the same time as his identical twin of Nefee in the traditionabl Abh manner through artificial incubation. Neres often is preceeded by his family's reputation as those with the trait of "Spectacular Insanity". While obviously he and Nefee, his twin brother, find this greatly insulting, his brash behavior sometimes contributes to this. In his youth Nefee recalls how often he felt people distracted him from things that are truly important.

Prior to achieving a high admiralty position, he had been in a relationship a career military officer, Kenesh. The duration of this rather secretive relationship is not known; however, Nefee often teases him about this past romantic affiliation. Neither particularly expected any entanglements to come from this, given the galaxy was at peace.

History and Military Career[edit]

Soon, the War broke out and in ICY 952, he had pulled any available political strings to him to get himself and his twin brother assigned to a significant command. Perhaps due to a mistrust of the Bebaus family, both were given officer commissions; however, neither saw much action during the first year of battles. With not much fighting, and perhaps only a faction of the taste of war following the Battle of Skaresh, Neres resembled the image of an eager imperial officer with an aggressive doctrine of battle.

Operation Phantom Flame[edit]

In ICY 955, he had spent most of his time before that point commanding and instructing newly built and recruited partial fleets before orders came from the Commander-in-Chief Dusanyu of their first major command. Dusanyu had concerns that he may have capable officers at the front, but not much depth in his command corps. He wished to distribute battle experience among his admirals, starting with Admirals Mulusafa and Neres.

Nefee and Neres had by this time become a command of two, neither would be given positions unless it was together. Nefee came to inform his brother of their new post at Aptic, which Neres considered somewhat beneath him; only assigned 12 partial fleets as Defense Fleet Aptic Phantom Flame. Immediately confronted with numerous problems in supplies, coolant, ammunition, and lack of manpower; Neres constructed a Defense-in-Depth around Aptic Gate prior being engaged.

The 2nd Battle of Aptic saw his command effectively halt an enemy advance for over 50 hours of continuous combat despite being out numbered by over 14 to 1. He wished to use his fleet in a counter-offensive against the enemy when relief arrived, but Nefee convinced him they were combat ineffective and he took this time to rest and replenish his fleet.

Operation Hunter[edit]

The success the Bebaus family had following Aptic dispelled the doubts in the high command about Neres's and Nefee's ability to command. In ICY 956, no objections were raised when Neres was given the newly organized 4th Fleet Hunter, formed mostly of the units previously under Spoor's 1st Fleet Phantom Flame. He led a daring and aggressive campaign on the right flank of Abh positions gained during Phantom Flame.

His advance was so rapid; however, he formed a salient where enemy forces could attempt to punch through the rear and make break for the Milky Way Gates and force the Empire to deal with them. He felt it appropriate to continue his aggression, suspecting that 1st Fleet Hunter under Spoor, and 21st Fleet Hunter under Trife would take the opportunity and seal the gap before he risked being cut off. This high risk effort during the campaign suceeded, as Spoor managed to detect the enemy assault, warn Trife, and force the enemy to surrender at Salks Gate.

Later Military Career[edit]

As part of the conclusion of Hunter, he moved to link up with Admiral Dubeusec during Operation Light Snow. Uncharacteristically, he took an unusual amount of caution and chose to preemptively deploy mines in the event an enemy was hiding beyond the sord where he intended to meet the Admiral. He nearly assaulted his own units, though Admiral Dubeusec's noticed the mines and destroyed or disarmed them without incident.

Following this the twin brothers continue to serve the Empire. With one movement, both appear somewhat exonerated from their reputation as mad admirals; however, some still may question whether or not these successes are skill or luck in the course of the war.


Neres seems to act self-serving, often fixated on things that he considers personally important. He often acts rather brashly which offsets the personal charm he does have, which comes from some of his eccentric behavior. Often, his behavior can be attributed to needing to be defensive given the family reputation, though at times his actions to avoid seeming insane add on to his list of eccentricities that people accuse him and his brother of.

He does bear a more lighthearted assertive side that could be considered dashing. He had managed to maintain a relationship in relative secret with Admiral Kenesh. Either due to his behavior or the potential risk of discovery, they appear to have ended the relationship some time before the War. His brother chides him regardless, which implies he did not wish for the relationship to end.


He dislikes the nuance and pompous ceremony that comes with noble rituals. Growing up, Nefee attests that he got rather upset when his baths were interrupted for what he considered trivial interruptions. It's rumored one such even was in fact during Aptic, where the Chief-of-Staff did not fetch the Admiral at the conclusion of the battle. Neres could be heard exclaiming "Why would you let me miss something so important!?"

He dislikes discussing his career prior to the war much less his relationship with Kenesh. Besides the typical brotherly teasing and gossip he may share about Nefee, he rarely if at all discusses his personal life.

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