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Astrological information
Biographical information

Prior to I.C.Y. 937


KIA I.C.Y. 955

Physical information




Hair Color

azure-colored hair

Political information

Humankind Empire of Abh

Social class
  • Knight
Military information
Military rank

Unknown Officer Ranks (I.C.Y. 952 - 955)

  • Deca-Commander (I.C.Y. 955)

Captain - Kidroil

Beikal (べイカル) was the Captain of the Kidroil. He is from a family of Knights as he claims and fought during Operation Phantom Flame. He was killed in action during the 2nd Battle of Aptic against the United Mankind with all hands on his ship.


Little is known about his childhood, though given his personality, he characterizes himself as a classical Abh or knight; whose family have a long history of service since before the founding of the Empire, honor bound to defend the royal family and the empire. Growing up and in service he was known as a lighthearted and positive soul eager for action.

With the outbreak of The War Beikal chose to train and earn a comission as officer in the Laburec some time between during I.C.Y. 952. Proving himself capable through training and various officer positions in the midst of the ceasefire following the Battle of Skaresh, he became a Deca-Commander by I.C.Y. 955 and made captain of the Roil-Class assault vessel Kidroil.

His first action in the war took place during the early stages of Operation Phantom Flame. He saw battle early on during a Skirmish at Aptic against a handful of United Mankind patrol vessels. His ship became damaged and weighed down by mine debris early in the fight, and the Kidroil was unable to engage in combat directly with the enemy. He was nonetheless commended for surviving his first engagement, despite his personal distaste for being unable to "defend" his princess Abriel Lafiel by the sword in battle.

He engaged with the enemy during the Recon Mission at Wimple and retreated to Aptic, once more, disappointed that the 1058th Squadron was forced to leave some of their own behind due to damage sustained by the Basroil and Seigroil. By this point he had truly become a veteran captain, understanding how to use the fast ship to defend against incoming enemy fire and defend against enemy warheads.

His final engagement came during the 2nd Battle of Aptic, where he and Deca-Commander Abriel Lafiel captaining the Basroil attempted to hold the gate under heavy enemy mine fire. Despite the efforts of himself and the crew to defend their ship, they were killed while simultaneously defending their fellow ship. He was posthumously commemorated for his bravery in action and service to the royal family during the war.

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