Berisaria system

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Berisaria star system
Location information

Humankind Empire of Abh


Berisaria (County)

Planar Space

The Berisaria system (jap.: ベリサリア星系) is a star system within the territory of the Humankind Empire of Abh.


About 33 years after the Empire had developed plane-space navigation technology, the people of Berisaria had negotiated the purchase of plane-space technology from the Sumei. In exchange the people of Berisaria would provide a habitable planet for colonization in 50 years time. However, it was not possible to finish terraforming by the deadline and they were forced to hand over the only habitable planet Momenta. While the Sumei Enforcement fleet invaded the planet without fulfilling the contract the Abh arrived. The Abh came to announce the founding of their Empire. Arco Augo was appointed the government's representative to negotiate with the Abh. Subsequently, Berisaria was conquered by the Empire.


The star system has one single star Berisaria. There is at least one habitable planet named Momenta. There are bases on other planets for mining and observation. There is a terraformable planet named Eritia. The star system's sord is 13671.4 light seconds away from star Berisaria.


  • President: Skipia Kesel (スキピア・ケセル) (in year 1), she is presumably the last president before Empire integration.
  • Vice-president: Orivuo Chris (スキピア・ケセル) (in year 1)

The 86th secret administrative office[edit]

One of the secret offices of the government. It has a secure communication line to the outside. A government office was added after the arrival of the Abh.

The 117th secret administrative office[edit]

One of the secret offices of the government. It has no communication line to the outside. It had a government office by the time the Abh arrived.

Evolution party[edit]

The Evolution party is the ruling party. Skipia Kesel is the party leader (in year 1).

Constancy party[edit]

The Constancy party is the opposition party led by then chief executive Gusto Konsto (グスト・コンスト) (in year 1). Gusto accompanied Arco during negotiation with the Abh.