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Berupoukosu (Baronh: ベルポウコス) is a traditional Abh sport.


The sport was originally not known for being a competitive sport. Despite high fees for stadium and costly equipment, the sport has many fans and maniacs. As it is almost impossible for non-Abh to play the sport it is not popular on terrestrial worlds or even known.


The game is played by a team of 8. The gravity of the arena is set to 0.27 standard gravity (0.135 g). A player flies through the air, controlling artificial wings with his shoulder bones. The player wins if he manages to shoot a ball with a competition stick flying pass the other player. A round is won if one side has a three point lead. The game forbids using wrist communicators (Kreuno?). Instead, a communication device is installed for communicating with the referee. Body contact of the competition cane with the other player is allowed. A player is disqualified if his body touches the ground and he cannot participate until the next round.