Big Charlie

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Big Charlie was a planetary defense installation and the pride of the Planet Martine. On ICY 958 it fired at an Abh Caubh-Class Attack Ship, the ship received minimal damaged but Big Charlie was destroyed as a result of the counterattack by the ship.


The space defense system was build in anticipation of other potentially hostile human colonizers. Construction began as soon as the planet Martine was colonized.

In ICY 945, on the 81st day in the 102nd Martine year after colonization an Abh fleet led by Imperial Crown Prince Dusanyu arrived to claim the system for the Humankind Empire of Abh.

Admid confusion and despair, the then President Rock Linn of the Planet Martine surrendered the planet. In hope to keep some ruling power within Martinese hands, he proposed a secret deal with the Empire in exchange for the override codes to the anti-spacecraft weapons. Surprisingly, his proposal was accepted and he was immediately sent to the Empress in order to finalize the details of the agreement.

In ICY 952, the planet was freed by the United Mankind at the beginning of the war. The Martinese worked with the United Mankind to restore Big Charlie.

Big Charlie destroyed

In ICY 956, the Hyde system was reclaimed by the Humankind Empire of Abh, and returned to the 2nd count Jinto Linn. While his rented transport went ahead to prepare for his return it was hit by a shot from Big Charlie and suffered minor damage. Some time later it returned to Delktou for the count. Meanwhile, unaware, the Star Force's latest Caubh-class warships arrived, and held a military mock battle exercise in orbit around Martine and its sord. The Big Charlie, again, opened fire upon one of the Abh ships. The ship promptly returned fire destroying Big Charlie.


There were fewer than ten anti-invasion lasers, and only about twenty anti-spacecraft missiles.