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Bilsh-class Patrol Ship
Class information

Humankind Empire of Abh, Shipyard


Star Forces

Succeeded by

prior to ICY 951/2 - present

In commission

ICY 951/2 - present





Laid up




General characteristics
Class and type

Bilsh-Class Patrol ship


antimatter water thrusters,
space-time generator


6 (4 fwrd, 2 aft) Electromagnetic Cannons
2 Antiproton Cannon
10 mines
numerous laser turrets

crafts carried

several Calike types
one Pelia type

Bilsh-Class patrol ships are combat patrol ships of the Humankind Empire Abh, and are employed in large numbers by the Laburec. Due to the extensive and lengthy nature of The War, it continues to see service along with its successor classes.


This ship entered service along with it's sister classes of the Byrsh-Class and Lauth-Class to supplement the Laburec's need for additional units to patrol the Empire's extensive borders. It had been designed to suit the standard of galactic warfare conventions at the time which emphasized mobile warfare and patrol ships as support units to assault type ships which were smaller and fought almost akin to cavalry. With the start of The War, several more units were ordered and activated to enter the front.

Operations and Actions[edit]

Featured greatly in the front line, especially after Operation Phantom Flame and the Second Battle of Aptic where patrol craft became those associated outside of support and became combat ships of the line in their own right. Featured in numerous actions from the start of the war including Sufugnoff and Skaresh, the following operations feature this class of ship:

Technology & Combat Characteristics[edit]

  • Standard shield generation system, patrol-type.
    • Heavy output, able to withstand an initial EM salvo.
  • Heavy armor and deployable armor-plating for laser batteries
  • Standard automated and manual damage control systems
  • Air-tight door emergency controls on bridge and engineering
  • Manual or Auto toggle EM-Primary Arms targeting system
    • Fore and Aft controls featured at weapons officer station
  • Manual or Auto toggle Laser-Secondary Arms targeting system
  • Automated laser turret banks
  • Manual or Auto toggle piloting and navigation guidance system



Command ship variant[edit]


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