Breast of the Empire

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Breast of the Empire (jap.: 帝国の乳房)(Baronh: ルエ・リポス Rue Riposu) is the name of the antimatter fuel production plant structure surrounding the largest star Abriel.


The antimatter fuel production plant around the Abriel star are one of the biggest antimatter production sites within the Empire. The manager of the production site is appointed by Mr. Torishu. The current manager is Grand Duke Guharu. Until recently the structure has been expanded by Mr. Torishu.


In ICY 959, the Four Nations Alliance invasion forces attempted to take over the production plants and fuel tanks. However, the tanks self destructed in front of them.


The structure consist of round linear accelerators measuring around 500 Wes Dirge (= 50km) in diameter. The accelerators are arranged in pairs vertically. The antimatter fuel is transported to separated automatic mobile tanks and asteroid fuel tanks.