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Class information

Humankind Empire of Abh, Shipyard


Star Forces

Preceded by

Bilsh-Class Patrol ship

Succeeded by

Lauth-Class Patrol ship


prior to ICY 951/2 - present

In commission

ICY 951/2 - present





Laid up




General characteristics
Class and type

Byrsh-Class Patrol ship


antimatter water thrusters,
space-time generator


2 Electromagnetic Cannons
2 Antiproton Cannon
10 mines
4 large laser turrets

crafts carried

several Calike types
one Pelia type

Byrsh-Class patrol ships are combat ships of the Humankind Empire Abh, and are employed in large numbers by the Laburec. These units while older than their sister ships, the Lauth-Class, they continue to serve in combat and logistic support roles for the Empire, seeing greater use during The War.


Having entered service prior to the outbreak of The War, their role suits the Laburec and then galactic convention of mobile warfare, with recons done in force by capital ships instead of smaller vessels. As such, this ship also could fight a pitched battle well despite its limited ammunition supply. Several redesigns and refits to these vessels would be completed so it and her sister class the Lauth-Class would continue to serve front line roles.

The War ICY 952 to ICY 955[edit]

Designed similarly to the Lauth-Class, it served in the Futune patrol squadron assigned to Admiral Trife during the battles of Battle of Sufugnoff and Skaresh. These units proved valuable in punching through enemy formations and delivering a good punch, albeit, their limited numbers in production meant that in the three year ceasefire, the Laburec would put in orders for numerous starbases to resume production of these ships. Additionally, emergency roll outs of older vessels occurred, refitting them as quickly as possible for battle.

Operational Use[edit]

Used extensively in every recon squadron, it's use evolved with the changing conventions of war especially after the Second Battle of Aptic. With greater emphasis on combat roles, refitted Byrsh-Class vessels would continue to see service even in the late war. The operations conducted with this class include:

Technology & Combat Characteristics[edit]

  • Standard shield generation system, patrol-type.
    • Heavy output, able to withstand an initial EM salvo.
  • Heavy armor and deployable armor-plating for laser batteries
  • Standard automated and manual damage control systems
  • Air-tight door emergency controls on bridge and engineering
  • Manual or Auto toggle EM-Primary Arms targeting system
    • Fore and Aft controls featured at weapons officer station
  • Manual or Auto toggle Laser-Secondary Arms targeting system
  • Automated laser turret banks
  • Manual or Auto toggle piloting and navigation guidance system



Byrsh Class, Patrol Type, this is the default type of ship to serve its traditional purpose of acting as a recon in force. It features the standard armor and armament associated with this class of ship

Byrsh-Class, Combat Type, this type normally can be seen with additional laser armament mounted onto the outer hull and EM cannons proper. A handful could be seen with squadron Futune at the Battle of Sufugnoff.

Command ship variant[edit]


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