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Caubh- Class Assault Frigate.gif
Flicaubh flyby
Class information

Humankind Empire of Abh
Arsenal # shipyard


Star Forces

Preceded by



ICY 955 - present

In commission

ICY 956 - present





Laid up



Flicaubh flyby

General characteristics
Class and type

Caubh-class Attack ship


antimatter water thrusters
space-time generator


7(+1 command version) Officers,
16 Enlisted


1 Antiproton Cannon
2 (bidirectional) Electromagnetic Cannons
8 barreled laser turrets

crafts carried

2-4 Calike, 1 Pelia

The Caubh-Class (コーヴ級襲撃艦(ソーパイ)) attack ship is a new type of ships put into service during the war by the Humankind Empire of Abh.

Combat Characteristics & Technology[edit]

Ths Caubh class is equiped with a gravity generator used to create artificial gravity. It can also be used to counter inertia, and has a maximum sustainable limit of about 32.45 standard gravities (g). The ship's acceleration design limit is 10 standard gravities above the gravity generator's limit.


From the Flicaubh: With boosters the ship accelerated for 8 hours for a target speed of 0.02 lightspeed. There's a 15 minutes break in between. Neither initial speed nor inbetween acceleration are known. The maximum acceleration was 10 standard gravities (5 g) above the the gravity generator's limit. It's presumably the maximum deemed acceptable acceleration for the crew, and it is the maximum design limit. This gives a maximum of acceleration 208.2 m/s^2 or 42.45 standard gravities and a maximum limit of 32.45 standard gravities for the gravity generator.


Difference and Changes between Novel and Anime[edit]

In the novel and the Senki PC game the Caubh-class has


The Caubh story illustrates the tension between advocates of a larger number of small ships and a smaller number of larger and more capable ones; but unlike the debates of the past, this one derived from operational experience with both types: the Roil-Class and the Lauth-Class.

In ICY 955, battle records and experience showed the need for a more powerful ship than the assault ships to battle the patrol ship heavy fleet composition of the United Mankind. This immediately gave support to the faction supporting the idea of a heavier fleet composition based on the battles in ICY 952. The first ship of the class were put together into the new Devastation Squadron in order to test them out in the Martine Gate War Games in the Hyde System.

Martine Gate War Games[edit]

After the Three Nations Alliance Forces withdrew from the Hyde System it became part of the Humankind Empire Abh once again. Count Prince Jinto of the Hyde Family was returning with Princess Abriel Lafiel to Jinto's home planet of Martine which is in the Hyde System.

During their trip the two flights of the Devastation squadron with newly introduced and operational class of vessels took flight first to race toward Martine and depending on which of the squadrons arrived first would establish the defenders and attackers of the system. Apparently during training, extremists took control of Big Charlie and fired upon the craft in training. The Caubh-Class shrugged off the blow and returned a single shot that obliterated the superweapon of the Martine people once and for all.

Operation Twin Thorns[edit]

The Caubh-class ship were put into mass production after the initial test phase and were sent to the front lines. The Caubh-class ship proved its worth in the Battle of Kemal gateway and the assault on the main enemy installation within the system.

Ships of the Line[edit]

  • Flicaubh - originally under the command of Hecto-Commander Sobaash Juth, but is now under the command of Vice Hecto-Commander Abriel Lafiel
  • Kancaubh
  • Batocaubh
  • Ryumcaubh
  • Suirucaubh
  • Surumucaubh
  • Vartocaubh
  • Krolcaubh
  • Kercaubh
  • Shutoucaubh
  • Takcaubh
  • Nacaubh
  • Pancaubh
  • Marscaubh

Commanders of the Ships of the Caubh- Class Assault Frigates[edit]

  • Hecto-Commander Sobaash- Originally in command of the Caubh-Class Attack Ship, Flicaubh. Now Hecto-Commander Sobaash is Kilo-Commander Atosuryua's chief of staff.
  • Deca-Commander, later Vice Hecto-Commander Lafiel is in command of the Caubh-Class Attack Ship, Flicaubh.