Dau Sureuk (mobile ship)

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Dau Sureuk
Career information
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Dau Sureuk


ICY 959

General characteristics
Class and type

Mobile city


thousands of Officers, Enlisted and civilians

crafts carried

many shuttles and ferries

The Dau Sureuk (ドー・スリュク) is a Mobile city ship in the service of the Star Forces of the Humankind Empire of Abh.


The Dau Sureuk was deployed in the Mairal system during Operation Twin Thorns. The ship arrived shortly after the Mairal system came under Imperial control.

In ICY 959, Duhir visited the Cat's cradle coffee shop aboard the ship.


Presumably a similar to the Dakul. The Dau Sureuk was designed and constructed as modular structures that can combine to form the mobile city. There are two distinct modular parts

  • modular body part
  • modular end-/front- part

The end- or front-module is assumed to be the ship's propulsion section used to ship the modular parts to its destination. On the outside there are docking stations for small and large ships. For shuttles, boats and small ferries, the mobile city has dedicated space ports to receive, store and even repair them.

Due to this modularity a mobile city has virtually no size restriction. However, there is a size restriction related on stress, movement, orbital altitude, and local gravity well. None the mobile cities has been observed to reach lengths in the hundred kilometers. From the get go most of its internal space is left empty in order to allow "towns" to be set up individually and as needed. Once fully complete and set up it provides housing for military personnel, a post office, dining facilities, fast food restaurants, (snack) bars, cafes, theaters, aquariums, a hospital, shopping and convenience retail stores or shoppette, beauty salons etc.

Locations aboard[edit]