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Ekuryua Naurh.png
Aicryac Üémh Tlyzr Naurh
Astrological information
Biographical information

ICY 933

Physical information




Hair Color

sky-blue hair

Eye Color

sky-blue eyes

Political information

Humankind Empire of Abh

Social class


Military information
Military rank
  • Line-Wing Flyer (I.C.Y 951-956)
  • Rear-Flyer (I.C.Y 956)
  • Front-Flyer (I.C.Y 956-959)
  • Deca-Commander (I.C.Y 959-Present)
  • Vice Hecto-commander (ICY 959 - )
    • De facto, pay grade remains Deca-Comamnder

Captain of Flicaubh (ICY 959)

Aicryac Üémh Tlyzr Naurh, Ekuryua Naurh or simply Ekuryua is an Abh from the Humankind Empire of Abh. She belongs to the Ekuryua clan. She took part in numerous engagements of The War including Operation Phantom Flame, Operation Hunter, Operation Twin Thorns, and Operation Snow Crystal.


She was born on a trading ship during a flight in planar space in the Barke Kingdom. Perhaps because of this, it is rumored she became something of a speed-demon; personally finding great joy in piloting any ship and having detailed knowledge of engines and performance capability of any ship she gets her hands on.

She lived with her father and their cats aboard his trading ship. She was often "bullied" by their cats, reportedly the great number of cats at any time overwhelmed her or simply took attention away form her while she grew as a child. Later she would mention to Jinto about her dislike of cats, despite at the time caring for Diaho.[1] When she was 5, her father grew wary of her for unknown reasons. He sent her to her relatives in Lakfakalle. Her family being poor, she was raised together with many other children. Here, she grew fond of the youngest boy, Sukashu.[2]

In ICY 948, her cat and her grandfather died. Because of Ekuryua's demeanor, it is unknown how deeply this loss affected her aside from her own reported fascination with Abh versus Lander mortality and how different these experiences must be. Afterwards, out of a sense of duty from living in the capital or to escape her potential grief, she enlisted in the military.

In ICY 951, she was Line Wing Flyer assigned to the Basroil as communications officer and 2nd Flyer, 1058th Battailon, Latouche Squadron. She may have felt slighted by this assignment, as it denied her position as navigator for the time being; however, due to her nearly completely stoic character, no one took notice of the quiet officer in this position. While The War broke out by ICY 952, the Basroil, at the time, was not ready for combat and did not partake in the early engagements of the war such as the Battle of Skaresh.

By ICY 955, she met Count Hyde and Princess Lafiel as newly commissioned officers on board the Basroil. She loyally took to her assignment and continued to serve them well as communications officer aboard the ship. She experienced her first battle when enemy patrols reached the Aptic system and skirmished against the Abh position there to collect intelligence. During this time she developed further affinity for her new officer corps.

Later during Operation Phantom Flame, aboard the Basroil, the crew carried out a Recon Mission at Wimple. In a surprise mine attack well after the main engagement had ended, her ship was crippled by new multi-warhead separation mines. Her ship had to take in the crew and fuel of the Seigroil to extend their ability to survive in plane space. Her personal experiences are not well known, but having survived a true brush with death, may have brought her to more vigorously pursue questioning her logistics officer Jinto about mortality and how Lander's contemplate and deal with loss.

Afterwards, she took part in the 2nd Battle of Aptic, where her ship was destroyed; however, she and most of the crew managed to successfully abandon ship. Afterwards, she was reassigned to the new Basroil-II, rebuilt to replace the destroyed vessel. She still served as communications officer aboard the ship during diplomatic operations occurring prior to the Battle of Lobnas II during Operation Hunter.

In ICY 956, she was Rear Flyer and reassigned to a new ship as communications officer, keeping her away from navigation. It is unknown about her piloting preferences had arisen at this time.

Between ICY 956 and ICY 957, she received a promotion to her new commission as a Front Flyer, and assigned aboard the Flicaubh as engineer, navigator. She took up this role just prior to the Martine Gate War Games. She finally had earned a position she dearly desired, much to the dismay of some fellow servicemen where her abilities as a pilot and navigator were great, her affinity for High-G and non-dampened travel negatively affected morale of her fellow comrades.

Sometime between ICY 957-959, she chose to retire her officer's commission and went to into civilian trade, taking with her a cat. Given the pace of the war at the time, she saw no purpose in carrying on her duty and wanted time to reflect on what she had learned and take up new potential relationships. A rumor at the time arose of her gallivanting during the Martine Gate War Games in a Calike to be "shot down" in order to spend time with Count Hyde; sadly it appears she was met with rejection.

In ICY 959, she volunteered to take up a new officer's commission before Operation Twin Thorns. Despite her reputation as a reckless pilot, she earned her post as a Deca-Commander and Flicaubh's executive officer. While not at the helm, she in her own mysterious way took to her role with quiet and stern resolve returning to battle. Shortly after, she partook in Operation Snow Crystal which resulted in the surrounding of most of the fleets partaking during the Battle of Kryb. At this time, the Four Nations Alliance launched their Lakfakalle Campaign. Sadly, her father died in action against the invading enemy during the Battle of Lakfkalle.


Ekuryua is a taciturn and reserved girl, and is rarely seen speaking with anyone other than during operations or with Jinto. Perhaps due to the was, officers assumed she would be unfit for command. She shows an unusual apathy for comrades in most cases, especially while piloting her ships with limited or completely rescinded gravity control or intitial dampening control. Despite this, she has earned several officer commissions and proven a capable military officer in specialist roles.

Her apathy toward what people may think of her or how others generally feel around her has been shown as noted when she was commanding the Flicaubh's shuttle, maneuvering it at full speed, ignoring the comfort of fellow crewmates. There are no exceptions to this even among people she deeply cares for since describing her as a speed-demon would be fairly accurate. She may have done well if doctrines of star-fighter to star-fighter combat existed; however, to her chagrin, she makes due by improving and studying engines of her ships and improving them as much as possible.

She has a mildly eccentric fascination hidden beneath her serious face about Jinto Linn, as seen in her great liking to his cat Diaho[3], despite her general dislike of cats since young.[1]. She actually loves cats but due to her past loss she avoids making new bonds.[4] She spends most of her free time helping Jinto with Diaho. It is hinted that Ekuryua has a crush on Jinto, though not explicitly, as evident in her blunt approach towards him.


She hates carrots. She likes circular rainbow during fusion or separation of space-time bubbles.

She likes soyaze with ice and apple flavor.


Why did you decline?
— Jinto Linn
Because I want to be alone with you. Would it make you happy if I said that?
— Ekuryua Naurh , Seikai no Senki III, Episode 2

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