Former Emperors Congress

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Former Emperor's Congress (上皇会議(ルゼー・ファニガラク:luzœc fanigalacr)) congregated in the Ruebei.

The Luzei Fanigalak consisted of ex-emperors (Faniiga), each chosen from one of the eight royal houses (Ga Lartei). Its only responsibility was to promote, reward, or punish officers who were members of the Fasanzoerl.

It was the policy that the member of the Imperial family who demonstrated the most excellence of a particular generation would sit on the Skemsorl Roen. This was a tough distinction to make, and the Luzei Fanigalak considered the question from every angle.

They discuss if a candidate was suitable as a Lodairl — or, more precisely, as a candidate for Spunej.

For disciplinary actions or evaluation they summoned candidates to the Hall of Former Emperors (Wabes Faningalak). It is a circular room with a Gaftonosh drawn in the center of its floor, the Wabes Fanigalak had a platform near the front.

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