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Prior to I.C.Y. 940

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Humankind Empire of Abh

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  • Deca-Commander ICY 958
  • Vice Hecto-Commander ICY 959

Gurinshia (グリンシア) is the first chief engineer aboard the Flicaubh. She saw service with the 1st Devastation Squadron.


Prior to ICY 955, Gurinshia grew up on a Lander world within the Humankind Empire of Abh. A tough woman, she appeared to have chosen the Laburec for a career path to seek opportunities beyond her world and earn a reputation for herself. The War breaking out in ICY 952 did not deter her from honoring her efforts in the military.

In ICY 958, Gurinshia became the chief engineer of the Flicaubh. She got seasick when then Front-Flyer Ekuryua Naurh flew the Calike rather recklessly. Later she would be aboard Flicaubh as it partook in the Martine Gate War Games. Despite sleep deprivation from the rough voyage in transit to her current post, she is reported to have done well.

In ICY 959, when the Imperial capital Lakfakalle was attacked during the Four Nations Alliance campaign, Gurinshia received an emergency promotion to Vice Hecto-Commander to replace senior officers missing or killed in action. Her current assignment appears to be among the fleets in action during Operation Snow Crystal.


She's gained a reputation among her commanders and comrades as a hard worker. She has worked her way up from being a crewman to a chief engineer. Within a year of being chief engineer, she earned an officer's commission, which warrants great pride from her. She still displays a sincere camaraderie with all ranks given her Lander and enlisted climb in the Laburec.

She hates jokes and alcohol, having a rather dignified and stern disposition as a military member. It appears she takes a more "drill instructor" attitude to her role as a leader and member of the military. When a food fight broke out during the founding banquet of the 1st Devastation Squadron she requested permission multiple times to intervene from Hecto-Commander Sobaash, whom took the fight in stride and let it continue.