Imperial Guard Fleet

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Imperial Guard Fleet
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Humankind Empire of Abh

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Humankind Empire of Abh

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Imperial Guard



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The Imperial Guard Fleet (jap. 近衛艦隊) (Baronh: ロワボリア Rowaboria) is an elite military unit of the Star Forces of the Humankind Empire of Abh. This unit typically does not see action itself; however, is comprised of veteran or elite crews and ships that have earned their place with great success in battle.


In peace time the Imperial Guard Fleet is used for ceremonies primarily, but does bear arms to act as a true elite guard. In times when the Imperial capital faces battle, the unit comes under the direct command of the Emperor. The Emperor acts as the admiral of the fleet while the military command serves as the chief of staff. Retired military officers or even former emperors or empresses can be reactivated for duty within the fleet when needed. The roles in high command within the fleet are almost exclusively by that nature reserved for the family Abriel.

In the event of the destruction of the fleet as a unit, whichever unit the Emperor or Empress commands becomes the guard, making the unit eternal and titular until it can be completely reformed at Lakfakalle.


In ICY 952, the fleet was activated and prepared for battle during the Battle of Skaresh, which did place Lakfakalle at risk. Some units may have seen battle, but by the time the guard was needed, both the Alliance and Empire had been so bloodied that continued fighting would be pointless. Soon thereafter, the guard went back to their headquarters in system Abriel.

In ICY 959, the Imperial Guard Fleet engaged the invading forces from the Four Nations Alliance under the command of Empress Ramaj in the surpise offensive launched by the Alliance. During the Battle of Lakfakalle, Ramaj ordered the fleet to drive the enemy back into plane space and prepared to make a stand there to permit an evacuation of system Abriel, as outlined in Operation Phoenix. The fleet was annihilated during their last stand, and the 5th Fleet (Phoenix) became the titular Imperial Guard as it was commanded by Prince Abriel Dusanyu, next in the line of succession.


Order of battle[edit]

The Imperial Guard Fleet consists of eights partial fleets. Each one carries the the honorable suffix-name Setoushu (雷«セトゥーシュ»)(Sétouch), meaning thunder.[1]:110

  • Vou Setoushu 〈ヴォー・セトゥーシュ〉
  • Kon Setoushu 〈コン・セトゥーシュ〉
  • Sul Setoushu 〈スル・セトゥーシュ〉
  • Rok Setoushu 〈ロク・セトゥーシュ〉
  • Fek Setoushu 〈フェク・セトゥーシュ〉
  • Ryuto Setoushu 〈リュト・セトゥーシュ〉
  • Dur Setoushu 〈ドル・セトゥーシュ〉
  • Myusu Setoushu 〈ミュス・セトゥーシュ〉
    • 13th Sqr (第一三近衛戦隊«ソーヴ・ロワボレール・キュトビナ») (Saubh Rüaboriér ceutobina)
    • 22nd Sqr (第二二近衛戦隊«ソーヴ・ロワボレール・マスマタ») (Saubh Rüaboriér Masumata)
    • 73rd Sqr (第七三近衛戦隊«ソーヴ・ロワボレール・ダンビーナ») (Saubh Rüaboriér Danbina)
    • 82nd Sqr (第八二近衛戦隊«ソーヴ・ロワボレール・ガマタ») (Saubh Rüaboriér Gamata)

Notable members[edit]



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