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Kahyurec Bot Satek Ïarlucec Lemesh
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dark blue hair

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Humankind Empire of Abh

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  • Kilo-Commander (ICY 952)
  • Vice-Admiral (ICY 956)

Kahyurec Bot Satek Ïarlucec Lemesh (カヒュール・ボース=サテク・公子(ヤルルーク)・レメーシュ?)

or Kahyul[1]:272[2]:199 was the successor to the Duke Kahyul. He currently serves as Chief-of-Staff of Trife's fleet. He and the admiral have seen action often in The War ranging from battles including Sufagnoff to Operation Hunter.


Not much is known about his early civilian or military career prior to his assignment to Trife as his executive officer. A highly knowledgeable, but quiet gentleman, he appeared adept in managing logistics, communications, and relaying intelligence even in larger commands. Prior to his current assignment, he had become the Duke of Kahyul, and generally he prefers to go by this name.

In ICY 952, he was assigned as Chief-of-Staff of the newly assembled Trife Fleet. His strategic advice on the potential reasons why an enemy fleet with stand before Trife's command would lead to victory in the Battle of Sufagnoff Gate. He correctly inferred that the likely reason the fleet chose to engage in such a battle came from the inflexible operation orders given to them. It showed some key insight in interpreting the will of the enemy.

He did not; however, anticipate their inflexible orders were part of a larger distraction, which had succeeded in partially dividing Laburec forces prior to an enemy attack that had been met at Skaresh, prior to reaching the capital. Trife's fleet arrived to help rebuff the assault, where everyone received a true sense of the eventual scale and eventual brutality of the war.

By ICY 955, Trife had been promoted along with his former subordinate Admiral Spoor. Kahyul remained as both Trife's executive officer and chief-of-staff. At this time Operation Phantom Flame had started, which he did not see a significant part of. Kahyul now was busy organizing new and well-trained units being folded into Trife's command during this time.

In ICY 956, he was Chief-of-Staff of the 21th Fleet Hunter, once more brought along with Admiral Trife. Most of Spoor's 1st Fleet Phantom Flame had been folded into the 21st Fleet and 4th Fleet Hunter. Kahyul proved valuable in assessing key strategic positions developing for them and providing Trife advice on how best to attempt to exploit any potential enemy breakthrough as Bebaus's 4th Fleet began to over-extend the his flank.

Trife and Kahyul would celebrate a bloodless victory following the Surrender at Salks Gate, where the United Mankind fleet Task Force Salai had given up their effort to break for the Milky Way Gates following a battle against Spoor at Lobnas II. He spent some time attempting to organize an event to celebrate their victory and the capture of a large enemy force.


Average for an Abh (frailly) or in other words one out of every thousand grounder men would look about as good as him, as some immodest Abh may say. He normally has his hair well groomed; however, keeps it much longer than most Abh males. He often also prefers to stand even in the midst of battle, since due to his height, sitting with his unusually long legs causes some strain.

His eyes appear always as half closed, giving the impression that he is typically tired. Upon any conversation with him, it appears just a nature of his laid-back and dry sense of humor. Engaging in conversation with him, he never seems to change posture, having a tremendous amount of physical bearing.


Kahyul acts calmly and courteously to newcomers and all persons, including Landers. Sadly he does not seem to be terribly charismatic, typically conversing with rather dry wit and almost too great a sense of personal-dignity. Also he can be painfully formal in his speech, even among familiar persons among him. Regardless of this, he is sociable and does attempt to make jokes and play off words in a subtle manner.

As of late this dry humor normally arises at the expense of his superior officer, Admiral Trife. For instance, in being questioned about "What's the remaining 0.3 percent?" during a briefing prior to the Battle of Sufagnoff, he purportedly responded, "Deceptive information, failure of the sensor device, an unknown natural phenomenon, unidentified intelligent beings . . ." He gave no signs he intended to stop prior to Trife interrupting him.

Difference and Changes between Novel and Anime, game[edit]

He has green hair in the Seikai no Senki game for PC and Playstation.


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