Kamintel War

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The Kamintel War


ICY 905


ICY 905


Empire Victory


Humankind Empire of Abh

Kamintel Republic

  • Abriel Ramaj
  • Army Command
  • (Military Council)

The Kamintel War (jap. カミンテール戦役) was an interstellar conflict between the Humankind Empire of Abh and the Kamintel Republic around ICY 905. The war was won by the Empire.


Due to the possible economic collapse of the Kamintel Republic the Republic started a war with the Humankind Empire of Abh around ICY 905. Imperial fleet admiral at the time was Abriel Ramaj. The battle took place between the Kamintel Republican Army's main fleet and Imperial Advance Guard Forces. The strength ratio was 3-to-2, but the Imperial Force won relatively easily. The war ended in ICY 905.