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Kau-Class Patrol Ship
Class information

Humankind Empire of Abh, Lori Beitur shipyard


Star Forces

Preceded by

Lauth-Class Patrol ship


ICY 952 - present

In commission

ICY 952 - present





Laid up




General characteristics
Class and type

Kau-Class Patrol ship


antimatter water thrusters,
space-time generator


8 (4fwrd, 4aft) Electromagnetic Cannons
8 Antiproton Cannon
20 mines
numerous laser turrets
numerous laser turrets

crafts carried

numerous Calike types
numerous Pelia types

Kau-Class patrol ships are the main combat ships of the Humankind Empire Abh, and are employed in large numbers by the Laburec. This class went into production following the Battle of Skaresh and serve roles as both ships of the line and recon duty.


The Kau-class are modernized patrol ships, well armed and armored compared to the somewhat more lightly armored Lauth-Class. The Kau-class represents a new leap in patrol ship design from the previous design philosophy. The Kau-class features heavier armor with a larger arsenal of weaponry, and capabilities only seen before on command or battleships of the Laburec. Therefore, the Kau-class patrol ship is sometimes referred to as a commander cruiser type of ship.

The War and Development ICY 952 to 955[edit]

Prior to the start of The War, the Lauth-Class and Bilsh-Class patrols served primarily as the combat recon units of the Empire. The front-line units were still composed primarily of the assault units based on the Roil-Class. Conventions of stellar warfare at the time dictated that patrol ship were supportive, not battleships of their own; however, ships able to withstand ambush and punishment until the main mobile assault fleets entered battle.

While the Gosroth proved capable enough in its role taking on 10 assault ships during its battle, the Empire did not maintain mass production lines of the Lauth-Class. With the losses endured at the Skaresh stalemate, including among the other patrol classes, a new battle-ready patrol design hit the table for the Laburec. Lauth ships would be reactivated, but still there remained plans during the build up phase for these ships to be ultimately replaced by the Kau-class, which was faster, more heavily armed, and armored than its predecessors.

First Action, Operations Phantom Flame and Hunter[edit]

The Kau-class exited prototyping and star-trials during ICY 955. It entered mainline service for the actions of Operation Phantom Flame. It still adhered to the Laburec doctrine of mobile warfare; serving primarily for solo recon missions or fleet flag ship functions. The Galum-Class and Roil-Class assault ships still functioned as the front-line combat units primarily. It was not until after the First Battle of Aptic that Commander-in-Chief of the operation Abriel Dusanyu realized he'd need to mass patrol and battleship units to effectively counter the enemy.

The 1st Fleet Phantom Flame, commanded by Admiral Beneej Spoor, famously had been assigned additional recon and battleship units composed primarily of the new Kau-class ships to smash the enemy during the Second Battle of Aptic. It proved effective at countering the projectile mine weapons deployed by the United Mankind fleet. Following the Operation, mass production and activation of the Lauth, Byrsh, Kau were ordered to fill gaps and fill a more frontline role.

During Operation Hunter, the Kau-class vessels saw extensive use and losses again heading the 1st Fleet Hunter during the Battle of Lobnas II. Despite the tactical defeat at Lobnas, the class of ship proved capable enough in standing against a superior numerical enemy that it continues to see production and front-line service.

Later Operations[edit]

The Kau-Class slowly began to replace the Lauth-Class, since its armament and speed were superior, and the Lauth-Class proved effective at both combat and servicing as a logistic support cruiser. Slowly Lauth-Class ships saw more support roles and the Kau replaced it more at the front. The Kau-Class has seen action in the following operations:

Technology & Combat Characteristics[edit]

  • Standard shield generation system, patrol-type.
    • Heavy output, able to withstand minimum two EM salvos.
  • Heavy armor and deployable armor-plating for laser batteries
  • Standard automated and manual damage control systems
  • Air-tight door emergency controls on bridge and engineering
  • Manual or Auto toggle EM-Primary Arms targeting system
    • Fore and Aft controls featured at weapons officer station
  • Manual or Auto toggle Laser-Secondary Arms targeting system
  • Automated laser turret banks
  • Manual or Auto toggle piloting and navigation guidance system



Kau-Class, Patrol Variant, this is the standard variant currently deployed throughout the Laburec. Of the known classes of patrol ships employed by both Four Nations Alliance and Empire, this variant is the fastest patrol-type ship in the galaxy. It comes with the standard heavy armament associated with its default class.

Kau-Class, Command Variant, featuring additional cabins and a larger bridge, this variant features minor edits to the deck layout to permit the stationing of additional crew to handle logistics and command of fleets. Enlisted crew are made to reside in smaller quarters to account for added space for officers and noble personnel.

Kau-Class, Recon Variant, featuring fewer cabins, but instead, additional sensor and engineering equipment to serve its traditional role as a patrol vessel while maintaining firepower.

Command ship variants[edit]

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