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Aptic star system
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Humankind Empire of Abh

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The Kemal system (ケマル = Kemal)(キーヨース・ケマラル) is an inhabited star system that is in a 3 nation border corner. As of ICY 959, the system has been fallen to the Humankind Empire of Abh.


Until ICY 959, the Kemal system was part of the People's Sovereign Union of Planets. The system was conquered by the Humankind Empire of Abh during Operation Twin Thorns. It's position gave it a strategic importance, that was extensively explored by the People's Sovereign Union of Planets. It was considered the most fortified and purly military supply base of the Union.


The star system is located between the Barke Kingdom, the United Mankind and the People's Sovereign Union of Planets. The system has many gas planets. The star system a very rich on resources because of that fact. The 2nd gas planet, Akaddo, has many moons. This group of celestial bodies turned the Kemal star system into the main military production site. The second planet, Menderes, became the beach head for the Star Forces when the system was invaded.


Various representatives of the human population.


It had a large and purely military technology based economy. It was not self-sufficient and is dependent on imports.



The star system was well fortified and defended by the People's Sovereign Union of Planets. Part of the defence relied on the production of large-scale super long range mines. The system had a large military shipyard. The Union produced specialized intersystem defence ships. Due to their lack of an interstellar propulsion system, the ships were very compact and maneuverable. The invading interstellar capable Abh ships were at a great disadvantage.