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Kénéch Üémh Stymer Cipair
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Hair Color

shoulder-long rich light purple hair

Eye Color

rich light purple eyes

Political information

Humankind Empire of Abh

Social class

Nobility- Duchess

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Military rank
  • Admiral (ICY 945)

Kénéch Üémh Stymer Cipair (Baronh: ケネーシュ・ウェフ=ステューマル・キペール) or Kenesh Cipair is an admiral of the Star Forces of the Humankind Empire of Abh. A career officer, she has been in command in the field and later as chief-of-staff for numerous campaigns of the Empire. She presently acts as the Chief-of-Staff under Prince Dusanyu. She has overseen campaigns from the Operation Quicksand, Operation Phoenix and the present operations of the Empire.

Early Life[edit]

As a true Abh, she was raised and taught in the traditional manner in an Abh household. She showed an early ability to manage and organize her work rather well. As she grew up, she later chose to join the Laburec and begin training as an imperial officer. Given the limited campaigns waged by the Empire intermittently, not much is known about her early career prior to her first commands and blossoming career as a logistics officers

Military Service[edit]

Before long, she had developed a reputation as a reliable and exceptional executive officer. Her talents later saw her promoted the Admiral and made Chief-of-Staff of larger contingents of Abh units. Her work in early commands and effectively handling logistics of the Empire's military began to draw attention even from the Empress and Crown-Prince. During this time, she began a secretive relationship with Neres Bebaus; however, prior to some of the larger operations she'd partake in, the relationship ended.

Early Military Career[edit]

Kenesh quickly rose through the ranks, having some field commands as a Kilo-Commander during peacetime and managing the logistics of partial fleets. She had become an admiral fairly soon and would coordinate supply fleets and organization of operations prior to any major engagement. Having not seen combat yet, her first major assignment came from Prince Dusanyu. The relatively obscure system Hyde would serve as a her first action coming up in ICY 945.

Operation Quicksand[edit]

Starting ICY 945, she was assigned as Fleet Chief of staff of Operation Quicksand commanded by Dusanyu. The system Hyde resided in Kingdom Ilsyr, and being within Abh territory had been unclaimed and left independent for some time. The intention of the operation was to scout and seize the space around the system given the location of a key sord there. Discovering a space-fairing race of Landers on Martine came as a mild surprise. Adequate for small invasions, the planet Martine was bristling with anti-space defenses; however, against a fully deployed and far more advanced multi-planet empire posed no real threat.

Kenesh coordinated efforts with Dusanyu in preparing the maintain a sord and the general cost of an occupation. Luckily, negotiations with Rock Linn succeeded in installing a local governor by creating the Earldom Hyde under Rock Linn. It is not known how she may have felt in handing control to an unpopular leader, but in either case she had seen victory in a minor campaign.

Outbreak of The War[edit]

The entire fleet had little to do given that the galaxy had achieved some balance between four major Lander powers and the Abh Empire. She still served as an administrator to Dusanyu and the Laburec, maintaining supply chains and and organizing units for various contingencies that may arise in the even of an attack on the Empire.

An unforeseen circumstance arose in ICY 952 when the patrol ship Goslauth was ambushed. The destruction of the patrol ship activated the emergency deployment and activation of all Laburec reserves. She operated primarily from the capital as Trife advanced his fleet to counter what had been thought to be the main enemy attack at Sufagnoff.

Kenesh would see serious action; however, with a repulsed assault attempt on the capital at the Battle of Skaresh. Along with the other commanders in charge, she managed to effectively coordinate the efforts and maintain unit supply and replenishment even as unarmed units she coordinated were destroyed in the gruesome brawl of Skaresh. Soon both forces bloodied to the point of near-annihilation withdrew, and Kenesh having survived the battle now had the daunting task of reforming the entire command and supply structure of the Imperial Star Forces.

Operation Phantom Flame[edit]

In ICY 955, following the cease-fire and three year build up of forces, she became Fleet Chief of staff of Operation Phantom Flame, answering Imperial Admiral Dusanyu. Coupled with her duty, she also served as the principal vice-commandant of 3rd Fleet Phantom Flame. Here, she would organize Dusanyu's operational command to meet the needs first of Plan No. 1 of the Operation, intended to ride behind the spearhead led by Admiral Spoor's 1st Fleet Phantom Flame to link up with the forces in the Larych Kingdom.

She provided advice to change from Plan No. 1 to Plan No. 18, to compel the enemy to engage them at Aptic or Mystel. It seems that she, with the information being provided by the military intelligence units, would favor preservation of force rather than direct engagements. She takes time to consider how her plans must change in this case to attempt to mitigate the independent will of the enemy.

Prior to the engagement, she had some confrontation against the Commander-in-Chief, concerned first that he favored the noble founding families, and second that Spoor would be ill-suited to being handed several patrol and capital ship partial fleets to bolster the size and grandeur of her force. This caused Dusanyu to more deeply question her dispositions against Bebaus and Spoor. The former of the admirals he questioned revealed that besides rational military concern about appointing a green admiral to a vital strategic point, there were the lingering concerns about the notion of Bebaus insanity. Coupled with that, she had personal experience which she only partially divulged about the brothers.

The second incident concerned Admiral Spoor and building up the 1st Fleet Phantom Flame, which she had anticipate bolstering the fleet and replacing the command staff in such a contingency. Dusanyu only agreed to bolstering their strength, so it surprised Kenesh that Dusanyu insisted assigning a junior ranked officer such as an Admiral, rather than a Fleet or Imperial Admiral such a responsibility. Perhaps as a career military officer, she did not take into account that inter-family rivalries would override any potential favoritism for the founding noble families of the empire; especially considering the Spoor and Abriel families are adamant rivals. In either case, she maximized the organization and transfer of the needed ships to ensure the pieces for Plan No. 18's success were in place.

The new plans she coordinated would ultimately lead to the 2nd Battle of Aptic. With Spoor at the spearhead of the 1st Fleet Phantom Flame, she successfully smashed through the enemy main fleet attempting to breakthrough her units and 3rd Fleet Phantom Flame. The damage taken to the main force exceeded expectations in Kenesh and Dusanyu's eyes, but both had achieved a decisive victory.

Operation Hunter[edit]

In late ICY 955, she became Fleet Chief of staff of Operation Hunter and continued to operate under Dusanyu as his Chief-of-Staff. She coordinated the supply chains and recon efforts for the fleets organized this time as 1st, 4th, and 21st Fleets Hunter. Bebaus once more was in command, which caused personal concern. It is rumored that further chiding persisted between the Commander-in-Chief and his vice commander of operations. She noted that the rapid advance of Bebaus potentially overextended the Abh right flank, and posed a danger to the operation. With Trife in support moving, she worked with Dusanyu to ensure adequate scouting by 1st Fleet Hunter had been done to ensure that even if the enemy outflanked them, the 21st Fleet under Trife could make a decisive and rapid counterattack.

Later Military Career[edit]

With her successful work for multiple operations, she effectively became the permanent Admiral-in-Chief of the Laburec, the officer second only to the Commander-in-Chief Dusanyu. This left her in the key position to coordinate the new operations built up following Operation Hunter. Beginning in ICY 956, Operation Light Snow had been conducted to link up with the units led by Bebaus to conclude Hunter. It seemed at some point her concerns did manage to displace Bebaus as he does not make any significant appearance following operations Light Snow and Hunter.

In ICY 959, she coordinated and gathered intelligence for two different operations. During Operation Twin Thorns, the operation had been commanded overall by Admiral Kotoponi, albeit potentially bloodier than expected. She oversaw the use of reserves and training of additional units to bolster the front-line. The aggression of the Laburec only continued following this operation.

Operation Snow Crystal proceeded with three potential operational plans, Plan No. 3 being the implemented approach. Kenesh worked with the best information available; however, none in the high command anticipated the massive counter-offensive launched by Hania. Trapped in the capital with the remainder of the general staff, she coordinated efforts with Dusanyu during Operation Phoenix to ensure a speedy evacuation, and attempt to link up with Spoor's 7th Fleet Phoenix.


She keeps her own interests apart from work generally speaking, with perhaps the singular exception of Bebaus's command. That being said, once a decision has been made, she will only question Dusanyu privately, and defend him adamantly among the staff, emphasizing her loyalty to command and obedience to the proper chain of command. Even though she does not directly serve as a field commander, she seems have become more reserved in the face of the casualties suffered and having such a long career as a front-line staff officer.

She is usually calm and collected. She bears tremendous amounts of talent for organization, but little ability perhaps to detect talent in her peers. Likely, due to her career as a military staff officer, she typically anticipates the worse case scenario so that she can adequately provide a breadth of alternatives for her superiors in command. She takes great pride in her work, which makes it easier for Dusanyu to take time and tease or prod her about her personal life or her decisions. It seems exceedingly difficult for anyone, except Dusanyu, to get under her skin.


Generally a private person, she seems not to have engaged in many personal relationships, and given her current role as chief-of-staff, which she has served as for over 14 years in continuous military service, it seems she does not have much time for any given relationships. She has had two people with greater than acquaintance affiliation with that are documented.

  • In the past, she was romantically involved with Neres Bebaus before he became an Admiral. Due to either his ambition or antics, they broke off the relationship some time before The war. She attempts to avoid this topic as strongly as possible, just as Neres appears to do. Neither are privy to shed light on the length of the relationship or additional details.
  • Kenesh has a dysfunctional friendship toward Imperial Admiral Abriel Dusanyu. Dusanyu likes to pry about her past with Neres. Generally speaking, she responds to Dusanyu in staunch and clinical terms, whereas Dusanyu attempts to lighten the mood when they serve together.


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