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Hydra alpha

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Humankind Empire of Abh

Social class

Nobility - Grand Duke

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Kotoponi [kotponi] (Baronh: コトポニー Cotponic) is one of the 29 founding family of the Humankind Empire of Abh. The family head's court rank is Grand Duke. The family head's territory is the Grand Duchy Dashol (ダショール Dashoor).


Notable Members of the clan

The clan was responsible for the fusion reactor. They produced fuel for nuclear fusion reactors. However, their role turned out to be ancillary after a Yuanon was captured. This clan also has produced many great scientists.

Family Personality[edit]

The Kotoponi decisiveness trait. The ability to make cammand descisions without much hesitation. They prefer to be military officers rather than a merchant. "A Kotoponi does not take the time to decide, it is a waste of time to spent time on overthinking things."

Family Trait[edit]

Blood red/scarlet lips called Pur Shurira Kotoponil (ピュール・シュリラ・コトポニール Pur Shurira Kotoponirl).

Family Banner[edit]

The Kotoponi family crests which is black with a silver cross. The Kotoponi family crest is known to be the most monotonous among the 29 founding Abh families. Legend has it that the ancestor of Kotoponi family spent only three seconds to finish it; conveniently drew two lines as their family crest, and the only thing on his mind was to have the lines intersect at a right angle. And because of this, Kotoponi gained a reputation for not to waste time for making decisions. However, the ratio of the length of the drawn lines has been passed on to the present time.


It is derived from the 28 constellations from the star chart that originated from ancient China. Incidentally the brightest star in the western extremity of each constellation is called "kyosei" and is the mark of the constellation. The constellation is 星(ほとほり)(Hotohori) and means "star". The kyosei is Hydra alpha.