Ku Dorin

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Ku Dorin
Astrological information
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Hair Color

short black hair

Eye Color

blue eyes

Political information

Humankind Empire of Abh

Military information
Ku Dorin (クー・ドゥリン Ku Dorin?)

is a habitant of Planet Delktou. He became Jinto's best friend in the Minto (game) (ミンチウ) game group. Approximately 30000 on Delktou have the exact same name making it a very common name. He studied Rikpal, the official language of the United Mankind, during the occupation, but gave it up immediately. Originally, he had doubt about the Abh having a fate gene, and eventually came to avoid the Abh after the United Mankind publicised that the "Abh were a part of a machine". His father, who was a company manager, was killed by an uncle (a real older brother of the father). He hates this uncle who became imprisoned for life. This is the cause he came to have doubts toward the Abh. An uncle (a real younger brother of his father) runs the company for which he works now, too.



Openhearted, bright character. He's a self-styled "fanatic heterosexuality fundamentalistic radical."


Difference and Changes between Novel and Anime[edit]

He has different hair color in Cots and Bots3

Picture Gallery[edit]