Kufadis Sesupi

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Kufadis Üémh
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Hair Color

bright green
elegant face

Political information

Humankind Empire of Abh

Military information
Military rank
  • Hekto-Commander ICY 952
  • Kilo-Commander ICY 955
  • Rear Admiral ICY 959

Kufadis or Kufadis Üémh = Esupiru Sesupi (Baronh: クファディス・ウェフ=エスピール・セスピー Cfadiss üémh éseuir Sésric) is a Chief of Staff of the Star Forces. He has been working under Beneej Spoor for some time. A career officer, he has been a member of the Laburec since before The War


Start of The War, ICY 952 to ICY 955[edit]

In ICY 952, one month before the Battle of Sufagnoff, Kufadis was reassigned from the Sov Vortout Kigagona, or 184th Strike Squadron, to temporarily replace the Futune's previous Chief of Staff who took unexpected maternity leave. He had been used to the tactics, training, and formal command structures of a fleet meant to use counter-mine fire. He had little time to adapt to the new structure and the tendencies of his new superior officer, Rear-Admiral Beneej Spoor.

During the battle, he received a crash course on first, how scout fleets must engage in battle and second, the breakneck pace the Spoor maintained in the attack. Per Spoor's recommendation or orders, he remained at his post under her tutelage from ICY 952 to ICY 955 as chief of staff for the Futune.

Following the Battle of Skaresh and the ceasefire, in ICY 955 Rear-Admiral Spoor had been informed of her promotion to a Fleet command, 1st Fleet Operation Phantom Flame. This amused Kufadis who saw her reaction, since she was fond of the front rather than a cushy desk job. Once Spoor caught his reaction, she immediately promoted him and her entire bridge crew to join her. He went from being her executive officer, to the Chief of Staff for all of the 1st Fleet.

Operation Phantom Flame[edit]

Receiving his new commission as a Kilo-Commander, he oversaw the logistics of the opening battles of the 1st Fleet Phantom Flame, including the First Battle of Aptic. He proved more than capable of handling a fleet on the attack, even with a commander so aggressive or abrasive as Beneej Spoor. Considering he had little time to adapt to managing logistics of a fleet, he did well, even when Commander-in-Chief of Operation Phantom Flame Abriel Dusanyu reinforced the first fleet for the coming engagements.

He continued to serve skillfully during the Second Battle of Aptic, where the 1st Fleet destroyed much of the meaningful resistance the United Mankind could put up as they attempted to escape from their encirclement. Following this, he oversaw the transfer of much of the ships formerly assigned to the 1st Fleet to new fleets being created for the coming Operation Hunter.

Operation Hunter[edit]

By now a veteran of major engagements, he continued to work as Chief-of-Staff of the reformed 1st Fleet Hunter, which now was a fleet about the same size as Spoor's former command of Futune. Unexpectedly, he had to assist in a recon mission to Lobnas II, since they had to detect an enemy breakthrough attempted to warn Trife of the 21st Fleet and Neres Bebaus of the 4th Fleet to cut off and defeat the enemy.

At the Battle of Lobnas II, he oversaw the fleet to the best of his ability with Spoor managing to have bought hours for the evacuation of Deca-Commander Lafiel's force from the Lobnas system. He helped Spoor accomplish her mission; however, the 1st Fleet was virtually annihilated, survived only by 7 ships total.

Interlude and Operation Phoenix[edit]

Following ICY 955, Spoor would require time to account for her losses and had been given commands that are not well documented; likely not frontline commands. Perhaps to his relief, it seemed their career paths had either temporarily diverged, or he would not need to manage the almost insane efforts behind managing logistics of a fleet constantly on the attack or on the move.

In ICY 959, he was promoted to Rear Admiral and appointed to the Sotoryuru Naval Base as one of the assistant commanders and instructors. Suddenly, as intelligence began to arrive of an enemy attack at Kryb, Kufadis and Spoor recieved new orders. Operation Phoenix activated the 7th Fleet under Spoor's command. Knowing her old chief of staff was at Storyuru, she appointed him immediately as Chief of Staff of the 7th fleet, and together with him made efforts to whip together a meaningful fighting force to try to halt the enemy with a single counterattack.


Kufadis was born into a family of knights. He wants to serve the Star Forces until the end of his days; though appears to fear Spoor will ensure that he will meet his end sooner rather than later. He is a proud man whom is easily rattled by teasing of him; however, once absorbed in a task, he cannot be matched for his work ethic and ability to maintain such a pace.

Kufadis can be said to be kind and softhearted. Despite being a veteran and a knight, battles sometimes shake him. Spoor at times has to attempt to keep him calm even if she acknowledges or reveals in her behavior how dire the situation may be. Otherwise he's a charming officer despite having little experience outside of the military life he has led.


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