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prior to ICY 952


prior to ICY 952

General characteristics
Class and type

Kutel-Class transport ship


numerous laser turrets

crafts carried

numerous Calike types

The Kutel-class is a transport ship of the Humankind Empire of Abh's Star Forces. It is a highly mobile transport ship, originally intended to be part of a reconnaissance half-fleet during operations.

Technology & Combat Characteristics[edit]

The Kutel-class is able to supply and repair ships in the field. The Kutel-class can attach engineering structures to improve repairs in the field.


It is said to have similar firepower as a Guard ship.


  • (special R&R version)
    • When the Star Forces faces with the problem of not being able to deploy mobile cities for their troops it ordered some of the Kutel class ships to be converted as a replacement.
    • These conversions replaced most of the internal cargo hold into a restaurant, a bar, exercise facilities, recreation halls, theatres, and aquariums. Five decks have been converted into parks each one is 10 WesDagh in length and 2 WesDagh in width. Three of the decks are further divided into several sections; however, two decks have no sections.

Difference and Changes between Novel and Anime[edit]

The Kutel is a ship class that appears in the Bots anime. As of Bots3 another design carrying the same class name has appeared. At this time it is unclear as to the reason why the changes relating to size and appearance happened.

Ships of the Line[edit]

Eventhough, it is a large ship it is considered a small transport ship intended to be part of a reconnaissance half-fleet during operations.

  • Kutel
  • Batoktel

Picture Gallery[edit]