Leif Erikson (colony ship)

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Leif Erikson
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Leif Erikson


Leif Erikson[1]






57th day, 102 AC
Martine calendar
(ICY 945)

General characteristics
Class and type

Pioneer class variant
interstellar sublight colony ship


Yuanon propulsion system

The Leif Erikson was a colonization starship build and launched by mankind on Earth as part of the grand immigration and colonization project.


At one time mankind explored the solar system and discovered the Yuanon particle. Soon mankind was able to build an interstellar ship powered by the Yuanon particle. The age of interstellar colonization began slow with as many ships as there are Yuanon particles found. As the number of colonized systems grew so did the number of Yuanon particles found. At one point there were enough Yuanon particles found that colony ships have become common enough to be spared for all interstellar travel. One such newly build ship was the Leif Erikson.

The Leif Erikson was only equipped for exploration and immigration. A lottery by the government was held to choose the ship's crew. Martine Hyde became the first captain of the ship. The ship was quickly stocked and launched with little ceremony.

Despite the odds the crew believed they would find a suitable planet and kept going.

For many generations the ship sailed aimlessly through space until it stumbled on a blue planet orbiting a G-type[2] star. The crew named the star Hyde, after the ship's first captain. And in honor of his indomitable spirit, they called the blue planet Martine. There was no intelligent life on Planet Martine, but abundant peculiar flora and fauna.

After colonization was completed the Leif Erikson was left in orbit around Planet Martine, almost like a monument satellite.

exploding Leif Erikson

On the 57th day in the 102nd Martine year after colonization the Leif Erikson suddenly exploded leaving a spherical, gaseous cloud orbiting the planet. This nebulous cloud was actually the Leif Erikson's Yuanon, which had violently changed state and shape. Within this cloud an unknown spaceship appeared and immediately circled the planet. Despite communication attempts the ship remained silent, increasing the anxiety of Martine's inhabitants, and left after its third orbit. This incident was the beginning of Martine's re-established contact with the rest of mankind and its entry into the Humankind Empire of Abh.


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