Lexshue Gleria

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Laicch Üémh Laubér Glerïac
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Hair Color

dark green

Eye Color

golden iris

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Humankind Empire of Abh



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Lexshue Üémh=Laubér Glerïac (レクシュ・ウェフ=ローベル・グレーリア) was the niece of Plakia Lexshue. She lost her home at the time of Operation Phoenix.

Appearance and Characteristics[edit]

Dark green hair and her golden irises are traits passed through the Lexshue tree, matching those of her aunt Plakia. She and Lafiel are similar in some way in terms of how stubborn they behave at times. She is very similar to Plakia on the other hand preferring to review things from a pragmatic standpoint.


In ICY 959, she was assigned to the 5th Fleet Phoenix during Operation Phoenix in a hurried attempt to evacluate Lakfakalle.

She received emergency promotion to and became the communication's operator on the Gaftonosh Dourado at the time captained by Hecto-Commander Abriel Lafiel. Here whereabouts currently remain unknown, despite the loss of her home at the capital, she saw to the evacuation as ordered by Empress Abriel Ramaj.