Linda Narun

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Jimuryua Boruje Furuku Furuushu
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Human/Lander; gene modification



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Humankind Empire of Abh

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  • Spainec Laburar (circa ICY 750)

Imperial Ground Forces

Linda Narun also known as Jimuryua Boruje Furuku Furuushu(ジムリュア・ボルジュ=フルク・フルーシュ) or simply Jimuryua was a Star Forces Admiral who led an unprecedented military revolt in the Humankind Empire of Abh.


She was born as Linda Narun to James Narun on the planet Zamusuia (ザムスィア)(local name: Erumen (エルメン)) in the Grand Duchy Letopan. In her family, genetic adjustments had been done for generations. She received genetic adjustments like the Abh for eternal beauty and longevity, blue hair, and also high physical ability, but without a spatial sensory organ on the forehead.

She volunteered for military service in the Imperial Ground Forces (Sogh Beith)(ビース・ソグ), and took on the name Jimuryua. Jimuryua was named after her father and means "James' descendant".

When she became 1st commander of the mobile army corps as an Admiral, she met Grandduchess Letopan, a woman named Kinege (Kinaich)(キネージュ).

After promotion to Fofraudéc, she assumed a new post as governor-general to a prison of war camp on the planet Kozai (コーザイ). Here, she met her lover Emindo, a POW's descendent from the former Interstellar country Erendia (ジムリュア) which was annexed by the Empire. He schemed to revive the country. She was fanned to become the rebel leader by him.

Five years later at age 80 and promoted to Spainec Laburar, she led a military revolt for a revolution while the Empire was at war with the interstellar empire Alhamido/Al Hamid (アルハミド). After conquering the capital, she declared the founding of the Humankind Federation and herself its provisional president.

Encouraged by success, she and her forces became overconfident. Despite having nearly no space combat experience, her ground forces formed a fleet to conquer the rest of the Abh Empire. She invaded the Grand Duchy Letopan, but is repulsed by Kinege's small but experienced fleet. Upon her return to the capital, her fleet is destroyed by the Empire.