Lori Beitur

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Lori Beitur (jap.: ベートゥール建艦廠)(Baronh: ロール・ベートゥル Lori Beitur) is one of five major shipyards in Lakfakalle.


Shortly before ICY 952, the shipyard produced the Lauth-Class patrol ships. Some time after ICY 952, the shipyard switched production to latest model Kau-Class patrol ships. Full scale production is reached around ICY 955. Sometime around ICY 958, the shipyard may also have started producing the Caubh-Class.


It is located close to the 7022nd Special Arsenal.


It appears to be a group of overlapping spheres. Large tubes protrude the surface making it appear like a sea urchin to the an observer. There are living quarters and training facilities. A model of the ship can be build within a training deck.