Maneuver (orbit)

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The following requires advanced astronavigation, sophisticated computer and sensor technology. The following are most applicable for low technology civilizations where kinetic energy maneuver considerations are still vital and Einstein's general-relativity still a factor.

In space one basic type of Maneuver is to insert or break orbit. It can be used for a tactical or a strategic move.


region of orbital energy      Hill's region with energy >L2      forbidden region= energetic inaccessible

In space going from place to place requires knowledge of orbital mechanics and understanding of the three-body problem.

Transit Orbit[edit]

typical transit orbits

Changing orbit or breaking orbit requires energy. A transit orbit is special in that it is the imaginary border in space where a small change of kinetic energy allows a ship to fall into a lower orbit or escape a gravity well. Due to this low energy requirement, it is tactically advantageous to insert into a transit orbit.

Rosetta Orbit[edit]

The Rosetta orbit can cover a whole target orbit or the surface of a target planet. Its distance-time scale is large.

Rosetta-5 Orbit[edit]

This variant offers the most time critical response as it can be conducted inside a planetary system e.g. inside moon orbit.

Butterfly Orbit[edit]

A butterfly orbit is achieved by circum-navigating around and between the L1 and L2 points.

It can be a plane orbit or out-of-plane orbit.

Lyapunov Orbit[edit]

The Lyapunov orbit is a butterfly orbit with an extra large close orbit around the target planet.

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