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Planet Martine
Location information

Humankind Empire of Abh


Territory of Count Hyde



population composition:

various humans

local language:


Planar Space

The Planet Martine is a habitable water-rich rocky planet in the Hyde system. It belongs to the territory of Count Hyde of the Humankind Empire of Abh. The current and 2nd count is Jinto Linn.


There is at least a two thousand year gap between the Martine colonists and the rest of mankind who are using plane space technology.
The difference is due to time dilation[1]. For more details go to the Leif Erikson article.

The Planet Martine was discovered by the Leif Erikson some time in ICY 730. The crew named the blue planet Martine, after its first captain for his indomitable spirit.

There was no intelligent life on Planet Martine, but abundant peculiar flora and fauna.

The colonists, ever mindful of the strange ecosystem, increase their population slowly.

After colonization was completed the Leif Erikson was left in orbit around Planet Martine. The colonist adopted a new calendar system based on their planet.

In ICY 945, on the 57th day in the 172nd Martine year after colonization the Leif Erikson suddenly exploded leaving a spherical, gaseous cloud orbiting the planet. This nebulous cloud was actually the Leif Erikson's Yuanon, which had violently changed state and shape. Within this cloud an unknown spaceship appeared and immediately circled the planet. Despite communication attemps the ship remained silent, increasing the anxiety of Martine's inhabitants, and left after its third orbit.

Twenty-four days later, on the eighty-first day of the year, an Abh fleet led by Imperial Crown Prince Dusanyu arrived to claim the system for the Humankind Empire of Abh.

Admit confusion and despair, the then President Rock Linn of the Planet Martine surrendered the planet. In hope to keep some ruling power within Martinese hands, he proposed a secret deal with the Empire in exchange for the override codes to the anti-spacecraft weapons. Surprisingly, his proposal was accepted and he was immediately sent to the Empress in order to finalize the details of the agreement. He was officially admitted to nobility and became the 1st Count over this new territory, now renamed the Hyde County. The revelation of this agreement caused outrage among fellow Martinese as they come to view him as a traitor and power hungry man. Also the Martinese started falsely to believe their weapons were potentially a threat to the Abh.

Despite everything this incident marked the first time the colonists re-established contact with the rest of mankind since leaving Earth.

In ICY 952, the planet was freed by the United Mankind at the beginning of the war. Rock Linn was seized and executed. Teal Clint, the territorial representative, officially took over the reign of the Hyde system. How far the Martinese government cooperated with the United Mankind is unclear. With the Empire's disinterest in planetary matters this issue will not be resolved anytime soon.

In ICY 956, the Hyde system was reclaimed by the Humankind Empire of Abh, and returned to the 2nd count Jinto Linn. Before the count returned, he made a stop at the Planet Delktou in the Boraash County, while his rented transport went ahead to prepare for his return. Upon arrival it was hit by a shot from Big Charlie and suffered minor damage. Some time later it returned to Delktou for the count. Meanwhile, unaware the Star Force's latest Caubh-class warships arrived, and held a military mock battle exercise in orbit around Martine and its sord. This exercise may have been intended to scout out enemy troups remaining on Martine or to intimidate oppositions. In any case, the Martinese boldly activated Big Charlie again and opened fire upon on of the Abh ships. The ship promptly returned fire destroying Big Charlie. The Martinese still did not fully accept Rock Linn's deal, and Prime Minister Teal Clint arranged an exile-like agreement with the count.


The Planet Martine orbits its central yellow G-type[2] star in the Goldilocks Zone[3].

The Planet Martine orbits its star in about 456.25 days or 1.25 Earth years. A Martine day is 26 hours long. A Martine year has 421 Martine days.


The Planet Martine has develeped life of its own. These lifeforms are foreign to terran biology and mostly poisenous.


Grandon City on planet Martine

Planet Martine has only one city called Grandon City. There are three circular residential complexes within its walls, named Omni I, Omni II, and Omni III.

The COTS anime shows four complexes.

The president's mansion is located in Omni I. The Clints lived in Omni III.


Airtight circular-vase-like residential complexes with airlocks and internally independent biospheres[4]. The complexes are connected by tubes with each other as well as by their common base, called Nexus Floor. Countless elevator tubes lined the Nexus Floor arranged in a pattern similar to ancient temple's columns. There are taxi boxes, which were essentially laterally moving elevators. The taxi boxes were programmed to arrive right in front of the elevators.


Humans of various ethnic origins.


Planet Martine's plants are unique and some flower plants are highly valued elsewhere. As the Martinese prefer isolism, interstellar trade is limited.



The Planet Martine's political system is a representative democracy with a congress, and a President as head of state.


The Martinese prefer isolism and are anti-Abh orientated.



Count agreement[edit]

court order






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