Mine Warfare

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Mine warfare is a military tactic involving explosive devices set to explode under certain conditions.


Mine warfare is as complex as there are types of environment and uses combined. In the beginning, for any situation there's a special type of mine. As technology advances, mines became smart and more capable for a wider range of uses, but there are still specialized mines.

Modern mines no longer lack computer or censor power and are flexible in the type of warhead they can be equipped from the production line. The biggest difference in the types of modern mines lies in their propulsion: with or without a space-time generator. Aside from these there are long-range and multi-warhead types.

Modern mines have friend or foe IFF (friend-or-foe identification) features enabling them to recognize or identify enemy or allied assets.[1][2]

Defensive mode[edit]

Modern mines can be deployed to surround the mothership for defensive purposes.[3][4] In this case, they simply orbit or hold a certain relative position until they are required or ordered to take action.

Modern mines can use their IFF to engage enemy mines.[5][6]

Offensive mode[edit]

This is the main use for mines wherein they are used against ships.[5][7] In this case, mines are sent out to seek and destroy enemy ships, preferable larger High-Value Target (HVT).


Mining is a means to deny enemy or hostile forces access to a certain area. Modern mines can be sent to a certain place or left in place where they lie dormant. Sensors will actively or passively scan their area until a certain time or an object of interest requires the mine to take action. Modern multi-warhead mines from the United Mankind have been observed to employ this tactic wherein they lie dormant until the opportune time to ambush.[8]