Nadia Houdini

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Nadia Houdini
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before Empire 157

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Nadia Houdini(ナディア・フーディニ) was physicist whose paper on compound space-time led the way to interstellar flight through planar space.


Nadia Houdini was the daughter of a grand landlord who could have lived a wealthy life but continued research as a hobby. She was a physicist from the planet Atsusamaun (サ・トボ「パン) in the Adeibu (サビフ「ド) star system. She held the dissertation concerning the energy equilibrium of compound space-time for the school days at the Sumeneri (スメイリ) science institute, and got a doctorate. Later, the Abh acquired her paper through trade. Based on her paper Bebaus Suryumune discovered the possibility of plane-space navigation.